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Strange Things 4 budget ballooned from COVID costs, according to Netflix

Strange Things 4

Netflix is reporting that the budget for ‘Stranger Things 4’ ballooned from their costs to cover the COVID production costs. This resulted in a much higher budget than originally anticipated.

This may provide clues into their future spending on original content, which has been a hot-button issue following the success of ‘Stranger Things. The article explains that historically Netflix spends around $8 billion in total every year on original programming–however, they have recently passed this number with many seeing a possible $20 billion up for grabs as they grow their service and target international markets.

The article states that Stranger Things 4 will likely be based on an original idea while also taking cues from the previous seasons. Not much is known about the story except that it will likely follow multiple different timelines and events.

TheStrangerThingsWiki has been created by fans to gather information about the upcoming season, with a heavy focus on spoilers. This wiki also contains details about other media that relates to this series including video games, comic books, and novels which will be used as Source Material for the show.


Introduction to the Stranger Things

It became a huge sensation overnight and a very popular show among teens, viewers of all ages, and critics alike.

As with any TV series or movie that becomes this successful it means people are interested in what goes on behind the scenes. All of which makes The Stranger Things one of the best sources for information about the show and its production!

The people behind the scenes are The Duffer Brothers, who wrote and directed the TV series. The Duffer Brothers also write and act in the series. They are equal parts writer, director, and actor. They grew up in California and went to film school in New York City.

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Characters’ names from the Stranger Things

Sadie Sink
Millie Bobby Brown
Joe Keery
Noah Schnapp
Dacre Montgomery
Finn Wolfhard
Natalia Dyer
Gaten Matarazzo
Maya Hawke
Grace Van Dien
David Harbour
Charlie Heaton


The storyline of the Stranger Things

The Netflix original series, “Stranger Things”, is set in the 1980s, when a young boy disappears into thin air during a very strange event. It was this mystery that drew viewers to the show. The Stranger Things show on Netflix is about a group of boys and their search for the missing child and for answers about what happened on that day.

Stranger things take its title from an unexplained phenomenon called dark force or dark energy (referred to as “The Upside Down”) which occasionally appears in Hawkins Indiana. The media, as well as the local police, have been unable to find any connection between the missing child and the dark energy but many believe that they are connected.

The show is focused on a group of preteens and teenagers (most of them being shy and lonely) who work together to find their friend who was kidnapped. They explore “The Upside Down” in hopes of finding him while encountering terrifying creatures such as demo dogs.

In this strange dimension, they uncover surprising secrets about themselves, their town, and their family members. They have to do almost everything they can to finally get back home safely with Will Byers.


Papa may return in season 5 of Stranger Things, according to Matthew Modine

Stranger Things season 4 recently made its debut to rave reviews, but what does that mean for the future of Netflix’s smash hit series?

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Matthew Modine, who plays Dr. Brenner on the show and served as a major antagonist for much of the first two seasons, hinted about his return in an interview with Collider.

“Yeah, he’s going to come back. He’s pretty cool. I just met him the other day, and he seems like a cool guy, which is good. I mean, I know he kind of has some hidden agenda, but I don’t think it’s too bad. If you can get past it and understand that it’s his purpose, then great… [laughs] He’ll be back in season five. That was my deal with David [Fincher] and Netflix because they are great to work with. They are very supportive of the project, so it wasn’t hard at all to do that.

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