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Shonda Rhimes as well as Julia Quinn have collaborated on a ‘Bridgerton’ prequel novel featuring Queen Charlotte


Though it’s not unusual for authors to set their novels in the Tudor era, few have done so. Most Tudor-era novels take place at the court of Elizabeth I and her successor James I. That’s why the news of a new prequel novel co-written by best-selling author Julia Quinn with Shonda Rhimes is especially grand:

Queen Charlotte is one of England’s most fascinating monarchs, and a novel about her will finally bring her story to life. Quinn and Rhimes’ Queen Charlotte is a prequel novel. It will center around Charlotte’s childhood and her relationship with her grandmother, the famed Henrietta Maria of France (1609–1669). The novel also promises to introduce us to the young, handsome King Charles II, who was born in Scotland in 1630.

In addition to Quinn and Rhimes, you can expect additional writers for the novel. Here’s where things get interesting: Each book will focus on each of these writers’ takes on a different character.

Introduction to Bridgerton

The books chronicle the romances of six members of the Bridgerton family. These characters are the sons and daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bridgerton, and the godchildren of Penelope Featherington. The Bridgerton family is an old, honorable, and then wealthy family residing in London. The children of the family were raised in a happy atmosphere with a house full of love and laughter. In the series, drama occurs in each book as the different plots are solved or revealed to the characters.


Name of the characters in Bridgerton

Here are the celebrity’s names mentioned below:

Jonathan Bailey
Phoebe Dynevor
Claudia Jessie
Julie Andrews
Regé-Jean Page
Luke Thompson
Hannah Dodd
Charithra Chandran
Luke Newton
Golda Rosheuvel
Adjoa Andoh
Ruby Barker

The storyline of Bridgerton

The Bridgerton family is one of the most respected of all families in London society. The Bridgertons have been around for centuries, and they are also known as a very close-knit, loyal family. As a result of their longstanding involvement in military service to the Crown, as well as their money and social standing; they were accorded numerous benefits not extended to other families.

These benefits include a seat in Parliament and the right to hold a title of nobility. The Bridgertons are also known for their good looks, wealth, and attractiveness simply under who they are.


The story of the Bridgertons starts with Gregory Bridgerton, the elder son born to an Earl. The Earl dies when Gregory is very young; and he is succeeded by his third son (Gregory’s brother), who eventually inherits the title and estate.

Mr. Selfridge’s Connie Jenkins-Greig stars in the Bridgerton prequel

A new Bridgerton prequel has just been announced, and Connie Jenkins-Greig will be playing the original character Lillian Armstrong in the film. The film is set 10 years before the events of “The Duke and I”.

“This story is set long before Penelope arrives from America,” said director Catherine Cookson. “She will be the opposite of Penelope.

The film stars Joshua Ledger (In the Heart of the Sea) as the Duke and then Christine Bottomley (A Good Woman) as Lady Bridgerton. Denzil Smith plays Charles Rickman, and Charlotte Bestman plays Lady Bridgerton’s sister, Maud Armstrong. The film will be released next year.


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