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Ruby Rose Fights to Survive in the “Stowaway” Trailer


This month, Ruby Rose is a woman on the run. Her boyfriend left her in the arctic tundra to go out fishing. As she makes her way through the wilderness, she must find food and shelter while avoiding wolves and other potential dangers that lie in wait. The only problem? She can’t stop moving and has no idea where to go next!

The trailer for “Stowaway” shows an interesting premise for an indie survival thriller starring Rose as a young woman who gets marooned when her significant other leaves her for a fishing trip with his friends.

The trailer showcases a young woman desperately trying to survive in the wilderness. However, I must admit that the movie did not capture my attention at all. The movie looks good, but it seems to be lacking something for me to be interested enough to follow along.

The trailer begins with Ruby Rose’s character walking through a forest. She has a small bag with her and she is looking around for something or someone she may need to survive. As she walks on through the brush and trees, wolves and other things are lurking nearby. Soon enough, she comes across an old abandoned cabin that was once inhabited by some long deceased people.


Introduction to The Stowaway

The Stowaway: When 12-year-old Ada is found on the Titanic, she’s convinced that someone must have put her there. Ada knows better than anyone that there are bad people in the world. She’ll do whatever it takes to get home — but will she make it in time?

The Fugitive: When Ada’s mother reveals a shocking secret, everything she thought she knew is turned upside down. What if her father—the man who raised her and told her stories of the West—wasn’t telling the truth? And what if he did something unforgivable? With only one option left, Ada has to run away and find out for herself.

Names of the characters in The Stowaway

Anna Kendrick
Daniel Dae Kim
Shamier Anderson
Toni Collette
Dan Barry
Scott Manley

The storyline of The Stowaway

As a small boy, Jack is determined to make it on his own, despite the odds. He works hard to find a ship that will take him away from his life of poverty and hard labor on the docks in London. When he finally finds his ship, Jack’s adventure begins as he sets sail for America with only one legal passenger: a young boy named Alex who has run away from home after being beaten by his father for not being able to help manage the family business and keep afloat financially.


The HMS Stowaway sets course for New York Harbor, where Jack and Alex’s journey becomes more complicated than they know when they come across two French sisters traveling aboard their Tonquin Exploration Company boat.

Upon arriving in New York, Jack and Alex are forced to live on the streets of the Big Apple, scrounging for food and shelter along with other street urchins. Soon Jack finds himself working for Bartholomew “Batty” Babbage, a renowned mechanical genius who has been hired by Thomas Jefferson to build a time machine.

Once Batty discovers that he is dealing with an escaped convict rather than a hired hand, he introduces Jack to his assistant: Samuel Faverweather, who brings him face to face with Alex’s father, who soon arrives and attempts to reclaim Alex as his property.

Exclusive Stowaway trailer on AMC+ with Patrick Schwarzenegger and Ruby Rose

A thrilling, high-stakes drama set in one of the most dangerous and least-known regions of the world–the treacherous terrain of Antarctica—Stowaway is a remarkable debut novel. When fifteen-year-old Gemma travels with her father from Australia to Argentina for his work, she learns that he has kept her true identity as a daughter to a wealthy Argentine family hidden all these years.


Worse, she discovers that this family considers her upcoming eighteenth birthday an opportunity to reclaim what they see as their rightful property, Gemma’s father’s company.

Calling on every ounce of resourcefulness and courage she possesses, Gemma flees their predatory clutches before they can send her back to Buenos Aires forever.

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