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Ranked from worst to best are The Flash seasons on The CW

The Flash

If you love superhero TV shows, then The Flash is the perfect show for you. It’s got a lot of action and some great characters in it. There are many levels of fans, from casual viewers who watch it when it airs on the CW Network to hardcore fans who obsessively study every episode and take time out to re-watch everything again after it’s released on a season boxset. That’s the case for me, and I’m a big fan of The Flash franchise.

The 1994 version of The Flash is widely considered one of the worst comic book adaptations ever made. It’s often described as an unintentional comedy due to how bad it is, but in reality, it’s more just bad.

Introduction to The Flash

The Flash is a superhero comic book series published by DC Comics. The first issue of the series was released in 1956 and since then, 14 separate characters have borne the title of “Flash”. In addition, two television shows were created based on the character in 1990 and live-action/animated film adaptations have been developed.

This article will go over some basics behind The Flash comic book series including what he does, why his costume has changed over time, and how he is different from other superheroes.


Names of the characters in The Flash

Grant Gustin
Matt Letscher
Danielle Panabaker
Candice Patton
Carlos Valdes
Tony Todd
Grant Gustin
Keiynan Lonsdale
Kayla Compton
Tom Cavanagh
Shantel VanSanten
Grant Gustin

The storyline of The Flash

“The Flash” was originally introduced in 1956 by Jay Garrick who was a pilot for Star Labs who gained superhuman speed after being exposed to residual radiation from a particle accelerator explosion. Designed to be an alternative to “Superman”, “The Flash” was supposed to compete with the rival DC Comics hero’s titles but the idea fell through.

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In 1984, DC Comics revamped the concept of “The Flash” and returned him to his original concept, making a more heroic version of him who went rogue and fought against them, under the name of “The Flash”. The series featured new characters who were based on earlier versions of The Flash such as Barry Allen (originally called Barry Allen1), Wally West (originally called Kid Flash), Bart Allen/Impulse (originally named Impulse), and Joe West.

Every Suspicion Regarding Ben Affleck’s Batman’s Future (& Ending) in The Flash

In a new movie titled The Flash, Ben Affleck plays the character of Batman. In one scene Batman tells The Flash that he’d like to work with him, and also in the next scene, it is revealed that Batman is dead.


There are many different theories on how these two scenes could connect. This article will go through some of these theories and see which ones are likely and unlikely to be true. So here are my top 5 theories:

Theory 1: This theory states that this was all a dream, both the conversation with Batman at the beginning and his death in the following scene because Barry wakes up from asleep. I know this is a very popular theory and has been discussed in previous episodes but I do not think it has ever been proven.

Theory 2: This theory states that Batman was killed by heroes from Earth-2 who are the ones who were in the flash museum at the beginning.

What do you think about The Flash?

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