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never seen again : Paramount finally announces new season of the series .

Never Seen Again Season 2 is a podcast series hosted by members of the community. The show tells the stories of families who have lost a loved one and reach out to the public for answers. They share their stories in hopes that other families won’t suffer similar losses, but also so that others can understand what they’ve been through. The stories are traumatic and relatable because most of us can probably identify with being desperate for answers . When we lose someone close to us and realizing too late that it may not be possible to get them back.

What is the plot of the story ?

The show begins with a straight-forward story about the loss of a loved one, followed by interviews with the family members and an insight into the process of coming to terms with loss. Some families choose to share their entire story on air, while others only want to share parts of their experience while some prefer to remain anonymous .  And all of them want something different from the podcast series.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Tyler Perry , who was a guest star of the show, and members of the community. The stories are told by the members of the cast, with the exception of Tyler Perry himself. Tyler Perry is a great storyteller .  And has effectively conveyed his own personal story on the show. Tyler has been involved in his family’s disappearance for over a decade, so he knows firsthand what the families have been through.

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What are the difficulties they faced ?

For many families, the hardest part about losing a loved one is not knowing what happened to them. For some families, the hardest thing was having their loved ones stolen from them without even getting the chance to say their goodbyes. Families are often asked by news outlets and social media posts if they have information about their missing family member. The show shines a light on this issue, and also gives advice to people  . Who are interested in helping out with missing persons cases and doing background work for investigators  . Who need help finding answers for the public. The show gives tips on how all of us can help support the families by offering financial donations to the families.


Who is the antagonist ? What were its motives ?

According to Tyler Perry’s character, the antagonist is a middle aged white male with “hollow eyes, who drives a black SUV.” According to Tyler Perry’ character in the show, there is an entire group of people like him, who are “out there looking for their next victim.  He claims that he has been following them for years .  And only waited until they were connected with the wrong person before moving in on them.

What are the epic scenes ?

When Tyler Perry meets the other family members, the show becomes a more personal story about how Tyler has been dealing with the loss of his own family for a long time. When Colleen tells her story about how she found her father’s body burned in a car . It looks like Tyler is reliving the exact moment when he found out his mother had died. Tyler is visibly shocked and upset by Colleen’s news.

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Who is the most loved character ?

For viewers, the most loved character is Tyler Perry. He tells his story about what happened to him in a way that really resonates with the viewers. Tyler is a really compelling person and has a great ability to relate to people. Tyler Perry’s character in the story also has an ability to tell stories in a way that are captivating, which makes listeners feel like they are right there with him when he talks about his experiences.

Would you recommend watching this ?

If you are interested in learning about a family’s experience with a missing loved one, this podcast series is worth a try. Tyler Perry himself was a guest star in the show, and he was very skilled at telling stories .  And relaying his personal experiences. Tyler has been in contact with some of the families that have shared their stories on the show .  So it is realistic to think that he could be connected to some of them as well. Thanks for reading !


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