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Ms. Marvel: Disney + finally Released the Finale Trailer.

Kamala is a superhero fan with an imagination, particularly when it comes to Captain Marvel. She struggles to find a balance between her twin identities of being Muslim and American while facing down various challenges and prejudices, both as Ms. Marvel and as herself.

What is the plot of the story ?

At the beginning Kamala is told by her Uncle to save her cousin, Aisha, from a space demon because she’s having trouble adjusting to school and home. Kamala battles the demon in the name of Captain Marvel and other heroes. That night Kamala dreams of being asked to be Ms. Marvel by Carol Danvers, a superhero she knows since childhood, who tells her that she’s been chosen to take over Ms.

Who is in the cast t? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Iman Vellani , Fawad Khan , Yasmeen Fletcher , Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Daniel Kaluuya . Each actor had a very different role to play in the story, from Ms. Marvel’s African family members, to Muslim Aisha’s cousin, to Kamala’s classmates. The cast did a fantastic job of creating characters that came to life on screen.

What are the difficulties they face ?

As Kamala grows up, she learns to balance her role as Ms. Marvel, with her reality. Due to the strict social expectations for women in Muslim families, she is constantly challenged on how she fits into both aspects of herself. More importantly she has to deal with being an outsider who is often discriminated against because of her parent’s appearance and their practices due to her family’s religion. She also battles self-doubt because of the way she looks Ms. Marvel comes off as a very realistic superhero story that doesn’t rely on a simplistic plot or quick resolutions like many films aimed at young children do today due to their age category.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist in the story is the space demon from Kamala’s dream. He has been released by an evil human who wants to use him for his own goals. The demon doesn’t really pose a threat to Kamala though because given that he’s a string of energy, it would be next to impossible for him to actually hurt her. It isn’t until he begins corrupting her friends and family that she must deal with him on a personal level.

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What are the epic scenes ?

The first epic scene occurs at the end of the film when Kamala meets Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel, who has been chosen to take over Ms. Marvel’s role. Kamala gets a chance to meet Carol, who is much more down to earth and cares about her fans as well as her friends and family. As she says, “I’m proud of you.” after seeing her in action, Kamala runs off to tell Aisha she’s proud to have Ms.

Who is the most loved character ?

Kamala was by far the most loved character, and what makes her so loveable is how relatable she is. There are many different scenes in the film where she struggles with her identity as a Muslim and as an American, especially since she has to deal with being an outsider in both aspects of her life. Kamala’s struggles make her very easy to relate to, especially for those who identify with both cultures or are struggling with their own identity.

Would you recommend watching this ?

It’s a pretty good film, but I would only recommend it to children of all ages up to 16 because of the social issues it covers, and the fact that it discusses a Muslim family. Thanks for reading !

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