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Melissa Barrera Attempts to Survive the Wilderness and Her Demons in the “Keep Breathing” Trailer

Keep Breathing

On a trip to the wilderness, her life changes forever. With no cell service and the nearest town over 100 miles away, she has to quickly get on the ground with minimal gear- just enough to live out of a car. Waking up in this strange place with an unfamiliar motorcycle next to her, she realized she was lost and had no way of getting find help or back home again.

Now that the days are dark and ominous, it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong in this un-plotted world. When Melissa hits rock bottom at nightfall, she must make a desperate decision between two options: writing her name into existence or being kept alive by force.

Introduction to the Keep Breathing

The Keep Breathing Series is a series of breathing exercises and techniques I have developed because of personal experience. I learned how to correctly breathe again after having a near-death experience. And found that this series was very helpful for my recovery. I decided to share them with everyone so that they too can improve their health. Doing so has helped me for many years now and has also given my viewers great results.

Example: “After watching my breathing video a few times. So, I soon learned how to breathe properly and noticed my health improve.”


Names of the characters in the Keep Breathing

Kate Liquorish
Tyrone Keogh
Sivuyile Ngesi
Morné du Toit
Aidan-Jon Cullinan
Annapurna Soni
Johnny Barbuzano
Michael Richard
Brandon Auret
Susan Danford
Sean Taylor
Jane de Wet
Shannon Esra
Fulu Mugovhani
Garion Dowds
Brendan Pollecutt
Tiffany Barbuzano
Dorothy Ann Gould

The storyline of the Keep Breathing

The Keep Breathing series is told from the perspectives of five different characters: Phoenix (a young girl whose life has been turned upside down), Brodie (her best friend and co-worker at a book shop), Fynn (a former prodigy with a chip on his shoulder), Lexi (Brodie’s girlfriend, and an advocate for mental health awareness), and Skye, a troubled teen.

While the story unfolds in alternating chapters, weaving together five very different voices in one fraught world, there are many ways you can find your way through the narrative. We invite you to explore this website to learn more about each character, their struggles, their dreams —and most importantly: how they keep breathing.

In the Keep trailer for Netflix, Melissa Barrera struggles for survival

This is an in-depth look at the trailer for Netflix’s new series Keep. Melissa Barrera, a 12-year-old girl with a dark past, is forced to venture into the outside world after failing to survive on her own. She has no idea what she’s about to embark on as she tries to avoid being caught by a government official who was tracking her every move


She’ll have help from The Water People, but not everything will be easy as they face hunger, dehydration, and doomsday plans that could impact everyone.

The new show also stars Marin Ireland, Sean Bean, and Kristoffer Polaha

Netflix has released a trailer for their upcoming series Keep, which is about a 12-year-old girl who joins a group of outcasts called the Water People so she will have some protection from the government. The main character searches for safety but discovers that survival isn’t clean or easy. It’s an interesting trailer, but whether or not it will be worth watching remains to be seen.

If you want to see more info about the series up until this point, you can read this article: Keep: What you need to know about Netflix’s new show from The Devil’s Backbone writer Guillermo del Toro.

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