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Madame Web: Gets a delayed and shifted to 2023.

In Marvel Comics, Madame Web is an aged psychic and sorcerer who would appear in visions to Spider-Man to assist him with information. She was gifted with foreseeing the future and providing her “clients” with guidance while they were awake, asleep, or both.

What is the plot of the story ?

Madame Web first appeared in this reality when Spider-Man was teleported to her temple by the Beyonder, following the fight with the Sinister Six. When he woke up, Madame Web informed him that he had been chosen to find a cure for cancer and gave him a map to Kraven’s Last Hunt. Realizing that she would be killed by the hunter, she instructed Spider-Man to take her along with him. After Kraven defeated Spider-Man, Kraven took Madame Web so that he could present her as his prize trophy on his wall. She attempted to tell Peter before dying in his arms.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast includes Dakota Johnson , Joan Boocock Lee , Jamie Foxx , Robert Downey Jr ., Julianne Moore . Dakota Johnson portrayed the role of Madame Web, while Joan Boocock portrayed the part of Madam Web in flashbacks. Lee played the part of Aunt May , Jaques Teller , Madrox, Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy in flashbacks. Jamie Foxx portrayed the role of Kraven, while Robert Downey Jr. portrayed the role of Norman Osborn and Max Dillon . Julianne Moore portrayed the part of Mary Jane Watson .

What are the difficulties they faced ?

Although Aunt May was known for her love for Peter, during Kraven’s hunt she was held hostage by Kraven. She had to watch as the hunter impaled Spider-Man with his spear and told him that if he wanted to save Mary Jane he would have to give up his victory. Although Peter refused she later found out about Spider-Man’s identity and broke off ties with him due to fearing for his safety. Madame Web is a metaphor for the other side of Peter Parker’s life. She represents Peter being able to see what the future could bring, something most of us are unable or unwilling to do. Her death points out that sometimes it is better not to know.


Who is the antagonist ?What are its motives ?

The antagonist is Kraven the Hunter. He is an enemy of Spider-Man who was defeated by Spider-Man during Kraven’s last hunt and staked over his grave. Madame Web’s death at the hands of Kraven and the narration “But one should never enter a cage with a wild beast…or a hunter” in the beginning of the movie shows that she didn’t know what he was capable of and paid for it with her life.

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What are the epic scenes ?

Throughout the movie there was a lot of action: Peter and Kraven fight, Spider-Man rescues Madame Web’s soul from a vulture and Max Dillon uses his invisibility powers to enter Mary Jane Watson’s house. Peter Parker is the most loved character because of his role in Madame Web’s death. Although he made the wrong choice by bringing her along, he knew that her life could be in danger and still chose to take her with him.

Who is the most hated character ?

The most hated character was Kraven. His actions were portrayed as being uncaring and arrogant, which made people hate him even more for killing someone so simply for sport. Despite this, Peter later regretted his decision to bring Madame Web along even though she was alive when they arrived at Kraven’s hunting cabin.

Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes, although I’m not sure if you’d enjoy it. It’s a good movie with a great plot and good actors, but the thing that I disliked most about the movie was Peter Parker’s arrogance. Although he knows Kraven will kill Madame Web and still brings her with him so she can be protected, this causes him to make mistakes when they arrive at his home. Although they know something is wrong they don’t find out what until it’s too late. Thanks for reading !

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