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Hannah Stocking and 50 Cent join Skill House

Skill House

In the past year, I have seen so many of my friends leave school and trade in their books for a real-life personable jobs. My career has been my education.

Some people find it hard to maintain a professional experience that is focused on education, while others are more ambitious. There are jobs out there that offer the same service as what you might find at your local community college.

The only difference is that you can have a one-on-one easier learning experience with teachers and mentors who are more invested in your success than anyone else in the world. There are no other benefits than the one-on-one communication you can have with your teachers.

College graduates have very little in common with non-college graduates. The difference between the two is that college grads are more mature and focus on their goals, while non-college grads are still filled with a “bust your butt every day” and “Win at all costs” attitude.


Even though the size of a school may seem bigger, the opportunities for an individual student to build relationships and gain skills are gigantic because of how close the faculty is to each student.

Introduction to the Skill House

In this day and age when anyone with a blog can somehow come up with the writing projects that they can’t afford to join… I’ve been thinking about finding more ways for my readers to earn some income.

So today, I’ve decided to release the Skill House series. Each post will be devoted to one skill and it’s going to be very easy for aspiring writers and content creators of all kinds to learn how they make money off of these skills.

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Names of the characters in the Skill House

Hugh Laurie
Lisa Edelstein
Kal Penn
Jennifer Morrison
Jesse Spencer
Robert Sean Leo


The storyline of the Skill House

This post is about the Skill House series. This is a planned 10-part series that will showcase different skills you can learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Through this series, I hope to tell stories that embody how people are using skills like needlepoint or knitting to elevate their lives both financially and personally.

This is an offering to my followers who have expressed interest in learning a variety of skills but have been dissuaded by social pressure or self-doubt.

I think the most important thing to remember throughout all of this is “You are not alone.” The internet is full of people who are looking for the same things as you. They want to learn more and grow their skillsets; they want to expand their mindsets and level of competency.

Skill House is a celebration of these people and the new skills they’ve acquired and how those skills affect their lives.


Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson joins Josh Stolberg’s horror film “Skill House,” which he will produce with Ryan Kavanaugh of Proxima Media

The rapper-turned-actor and producer have been thrust into Hollywood’s driver’s seat with a major, multifaceted role in the horror movie “Skill House.” Fifty will produce alongside Proxima Media’s Ryan Kavanaugh. The film also stars Josh Stolberg (WWE box office champion and former UFC fighter) as well as Stephen Lang.

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Some of the things that have caught my attention about this project are that it is produced by 50 Cent and Proxima Media. I found this interesting because 50 Cent has been known to be a very powerful person in the entertainment industry, so I am interested to see what he can do with his own production company.

What do you think about the Skill House?

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