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First look at the Oscar-tipped Weinstein abuse drama, via She Said

She Said

A new, and Oscar-tipped, film has been unveiled. The Weinstein Company’s drama She Said is inspired by the true story of a female filmmaker in Hollywood who was sexually assaulted by the mogul Harvey Weinstein. Here are the trailer and synopsis:

The film stars Margot Robbie as an American movie producer based in London who meets with a small-time actor looking for his big break. After he confesses that he’s attracted to her, she agrees to give him a script reading later that day, but not before reminding him that the meeting is strictly professional.

Introduction to The She Said

The She Said film is a documentary about sexual assault on campus. The film follows the stories of four different survivors, as well as interviews with several experts and people from campus. The goal isn’t to create a “tell all” — but instead to show how sexual assault impacts everyone differently, with the end goal being breaking down stigma and creating dialogue around what we can do better to prevent it from happening in the first place.

The biggest challenge was making a film that would be accessible to everyone. I wanted to make sure that in addition to survivors seeing themselves represented. Also, those who are not survivors could also understand the negative effects sexual assault can have on survivors’ lives. The other challenge was keeping the film concise while still covering a wide range of topics related to sexual assault.


Once we had decided on our four main characters, we began pre-production by understanding what they wanted their story. Also, to be and what they hoped others would take away from it. We fleshed out the stories we would cover (understanding how each person would relate to it) and made short biographies on each survivor so the audience could get more context about their lives.

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Names of the characters in The She Said

Patricia Clarkson
Andre Braugher
Carey Mulligan
Samantha Morton
Adam Shapiro
George Walsh
Mike Houston
Keilly McQuail
Zoe Kazan
Tom Pelphrey

The storyline of The She Said

The She Said film is about Rachel (played by actress, Mandy Musgrave), who’s been in a wheelchair for the past four years, paralyzed from the waist down due to sexual abuse as a child. The whole cast and crew went to Rachel’s house and stayed with her family. They filmed 30 days, where they prayed and talked with Rachel about her healing process – which is truly amazing beyond words.

It’s so hard to watch these videos because it brings back all the deep emotions one experiences during abuse recovery. The pain found in their eyes that night was so deep and full of emotion… I couldn’t stand it.


View the trailer for the upcoming movie “She Said” with

The trailer for the new film “She Said” starring Chris Evans, directed by Jess Weixler is out now. When a podcast interview of Christine goes viral, her mother Judy (Weixler) learns Christine’s been keeping another secret: that she was sexually assaulted 4 years ago.

With Judy raising their son Charlie (Chris Evans) and aspiring musician Chelsea (Olivia Hallisey) in tow as well, a series of terrible secrets start to unravel under their roof as they get closer to the truth.

“She Said” is a timely and powerful new film from director Jess Weixler (Teeth, The Long Dumb Road) and producer Jason Blum (Get Out, the Paranormal Activity franchise), starring Chris Evans (Captain America, Avengers), Olivia Hallisey, Judy Greer (Ant-Man and the Wasp, Jurassic World), Gabrielle Union (Being Mary Jane, Breaking In), Jason Mitchell (Straight Outta Compton, Mudbound), and introducing Liv Hewson as young Christine.

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The film tells the story of Christine Havens who was sexually assaulted in college. The attack left her deeply traumatized. She has suppressed all memories of it ever since that day.


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