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Fear Street: All set to get a Development at Netflix.

In the series, Elma is a naive high schooler who befriends the rebellious Anna and learns about life on Fear Street. The girls are lured to scary mansion where they are detained against their will and forced to play a game of death. If they win, the girls get their freedom – if not, the demons will claim them for eternity.”

What is the plot of the story ?

The story revolves around a group of teenagers who have to play a game of question and answer. In order to win the game, they have to answer correctly what fears they may have. The main character is Elma, who has been asked by her mother if she has any fears at all. Elma thinks she never had any, but after her mom asks her that – boom! She realizes she has fear of spiders (a common fear).

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Sadie Sink , Maya Hawke , Anthony Mackey , Gabriel Bateman , Alexander DiPersia , Tina Balian . Sadie Sink portrayed the role of Elma, who is the main character of the film. Maya Hawke portrayed the role of Anna, who is Elma’s best friend and they are roommates. Anthony Mackey portrayed the role of JT, who is Elma’s boyfriend and whom Elma trusts more than anyone else. Gabriel Bateman portrayed the role of Cameron, whom he met in college and believes to be his soulmate. Alexander DiPersia portrayed the role of Tyler; he is a jock, who plays with girls’ feelings. Tina Balian was cast in a minor role for Mrs Larson, Elma’s mother.

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What are the difficulties they faced ?

The difficulties that Elma, her best friend Anna and Cameron had to face were, They were not allowed to go home by their parents, who sent them to a house across the street. Mr. Larson who owned the house said their parents did not want them back at home. The girls had no idea what was going on, who it was or why they were being trapped at this place. The theme of the film was friendship. The director wanted to show how a group of teenagers can come together even under stressful circumstances and become inseparable. They overcome their fears by doubting each other’s trust and are forced to tell the truth to each other about their fears.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist of the film is Mr. Larson, who keeps his girls captive at a house across the street and forces them to take part in the game of fear . The motive for him is to get the girls to play along. The girls make it clear that they are not in a safe environment whenever they do not want to play. Mr. Larson has another motive which is to cure his daughter who is suffering from her phobia of spiders and return her home.

What are the lessons learnt ?

The story is very deep, it teaches that people should not forget their friends and reunite with them, fight their fears and save themselves. The story also teaches that one should not trust someone blindly and never play games which can harm you in the long run. And very importantly, never ever give up when there is a tough situation to be faced. Simply remember all your friends and fight it out until you win over the fear.

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Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes. The film is a classic example of what can be achieved by team work. It shows the idea of friendship and resolves the conflict in an unconventionally dramatic way. The lead character Elma tries to fight her fears, while her friends help her through it. Thanks for reading !

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