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Contrary to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the “Bullet Train” Promo Encourages You to Watch It in IMAX

Bullet Train

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who stars in the upcoming film “Bullet Train,” has been promoting his movie along with an interactive experience on social media that includes a secret code. The code, which can only be accessed if you are watching the movie on IMAX screens, is free and lets you view a behind-the-scenes video of the filming process. However, it turns out that there’s no need to watch “Bullet Train” at all if you want this secret video because it doesn’t exist.

“Bullet Train,” which was filmed in Beijing, stars Taylor-Johnson. Also, as an American assassin who is out to kill the Japanese Prime Minister. A native of Los Angeles and a classically trained actor who starred in “Godzilla” and “Kick-Ass,” Taylor-Johnson is known for his appearances in blockbusters. The actor has been promoting his new movie with a social media app that allows fans to access exclusive content if they watch the movie on IMAX screens.

Introduction to the Bullet Train

The Bullet Train series is an alternate history that starts with the building of train tracks in the 1800s and goes on to the present. In this world, trains are so advanced that they use magnetic fields and electricity to levitate above the ground. They’re also so fast that they zoom along at close to 700 miles per hour, breaking records galore for speed on land and sea.

Both high-speed trains and low-speed trains have a long history in this timeline. They have always been an integral part of the country’s history, contributing to the economic and social growth of the country.


Sketches and drawings of steam trains go as far back as the early 19th century, but it wasn’t until 1831 that Robert Stephenson, a British inventor created a road locomotive. In 1879 a steam-powered flexible wheeled vehicle was built by another British inventor named George Pullman. But it wasn’t until 1825 that a French engineer named Pierre-Marie-Jérôme Trépardoux has been credited for building the first working example of high-speed railway locomotion (up to 32 km/h).

Names of the characters in the Bullet Train

Sandra Bullock
Andrew Koji
Nancy Daly
Joey King
Michael Shannon
Brad Pitt
Reut Fish
Hiroyuki Sanada
Johanna Watts
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Yoshi Sudarso
Kate Chen

The storyline of the Bullet Train

The Bullet Train series is a non-profit science fiction young adult series consisting of three volumes. The books are written from the perspective of a new high school student, Jillian Richmond, and are being told in order of her senior year.

The story revolves around the topics of science fiction and human enhancement while examining and critiquing society’s perception of the “perfections” and values given to children born with these enhancements. The first book begins with Jillian coming to terms with her modifications in the aftermath of an accident that has left her body completely modified; making grayscale images appear on any photo she takes.


The second book revolves around a new power she discovers, one which reveals that the accident was no accident. With the help of her girlfriend, her friend, and an old man who claims to be her grandfather, they must find out the truth behind what happened before it is too late.

The third book begins with Jillian barely getting over the death of her grandfather, only to discover that she is not like any other person on Earth. She is unable to die unless someone or something kills her. It seems as though everyone on Earth is out to get Jillian. As when she went back in time and got a second chance at life…

In Sony Pictures’ upcoming summer movie “Bullet Train,” TUMI is featured

Sony Pictures has recently announced that their upcoming film, ‘Bullet Train’ features an exclusive collaboration with TUMI. The Hollywood studio tried to design the perfect luggage for their characters set to take on a high-speed bullet train and landed on the TUMI Alpha 2 Deluxe Expandable Hardside Spinner.

In addition to designing the luggage for this film, Sony Pictures has also created a product roadmap for us. We are honored that our luggage is not just featured in this blockbuster movie but will be designed by the studio’s in-house team of filmmakers and engineers who will use it as inspiration for products you might one day see in Sony Stores or other retailers.


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