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Brie Larson Could Sing Songs in Captain Marvel 2 According to MCU Rumor

Captain Marvel 2

After the release of Captain Marvel’s first trailer, movie insiders revealed that Brie Larson would be singing in Captain Marvel 2. This has since become a very hot rumor, but is it true?

Well, it seems this rumor won’t die down until Marvel confirms or denies that they are indeed bringing the songstress on board.

According to a variety of sources, Brie Larson will indeed be singing songs in Captain Marvel 2. However, it’s not the Disney machine that is pushing for this. It’s Brie Larson who wants to sing on screen, not Disney.

So, those hoping that the Mouse House would be adding musical numbers because Frozen was such a huge success will be disappointed. This is all about being true to the story and giving Brie Larson a chance to shine in Hollywood.


So far, there are two songs in development by Disney and they are said to be very catchy as well as uplifting and positive messages… This is just what we’ve come to expect from Marvel Studios at this point.

Introduction to the Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is the new and improved version of Carol Danvers. She was introduced in 2015 and was created by Marvel Comics, who had wanted to make a Captain Marvel movie with a female lead. But due to contract restrictions, the rights to Captain Marvel reverted to Paramount Pictures after there were talks with Sony Pictures Entertainment about their female superheroine project, which would later become Spider-Woman.

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Nick Spencer saw an opportunity for his company that he couldn’t pass up on and decided to give her her comic book series in 2014, ushering in yet another new black superheroine into the literary world — an African American Kamala Khan from Jersey City, New Jersey.

Names of the characters in the Ms. Marvel

Iman Vellani
Matt Lintz
Yasmeen Fletcher
Laurel Marsden
Nimra Bucha
Arian Moayed
Alysia Reiner
Travina Springer
Zenobia Shroff
Aramis Knight
Asfandyar Khan
Iyad Hajjaj


The storyline of the Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is the alias of Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager living in New Jersey. Kamala finds herself in the middle of an unexpected adventure when her family moves to Westchester County, NY as part of their search for better opportunities.

To solve this mystery and help save her town from disaster, Kamala gets help from some friends: Bruno, a Brazilian student still adjusting to life in his new home; Nakia, a popular girl who knows more about art than most people would expect; and Eugene – whose big idea may put them all at risk! This graphic novel for teens with art by Sana Tatou captures everything that makes Ms.

The new South Asian superhero, Minnal Murali, is shattering preconceptions, from Ms. Marvel

This year more kids are breaking stereotypes and shattering gender barriers as they embark on their journey to be a superhero in a new book called “Superheroes for Indian Girls”. This book is written by Indian author Anushka Ravishankar who wants to empower young girls while also helping them learn English. The idea is not only to encourage girls but also to show that they can come from different backgrounds and cultures to be a superhero.

“I’ve wanted to write a comic book series for a while. When I saw that Marvel had an Indian character, I decided to write a story about how she would grow up, deal with problems, and discover her identity as an Indian girl,” Ravishankar said.


Ravishankar also wanted kids to know that not all superheroes are white males. This is why she teamed up with NY trip leader Keshav Suri who is also the CEO of NYC Trip Places and publisher of “Superheroes for Indian Girls”. They were inspired by the work of Manohla Dargis on what it takes to be an Asian American girl in Hollywood and their own experiences to create the comic book.

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