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American Horror Stories Season 2 : Trailer exposes horrifying Dollhouse and Suspense .

The American Horror Story anthology series is a very unique and fascinating show. Each season tells a different story, each with its own intriguing plot twists, intriguing characters and even their own unique themes. Season 1 told the story of a family who moved into a mansion. The previous owner of the house, Hugh, was a famous actor. Once the Harmon family moved in, weird occurrences began happening.

What is the plot of the story ?

The story revolves around the Harmons, a family of 3. Vivien and Ben are a married couple and Violet is their daughter. Violet was previously diagnosed with her heart being outside the body, which was not true but she was so tormented that she eventually committed suicide. During the show, she will haunt everyone who lied about her heart. The family moves into a house that is apparently haunted and we see how their life changes for the worse.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Evan Peters , Sarah Paulson , Taissa Farmiga , Denis O’Hare , Jessica Lange , Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy and Dylan McDermott. The cast portrays the characters that are mentioned above. Evan Peters portrayed the role of Ben Harmon, Jessica Lange as Constance Langdon and Lily Rabe as Violet Harmon.

What are the difficulties they faced ?

The producer of the show is Ryan Murphy, who has a lot of difficulties as he has to deal with many conflicting personalities. The actors are also very high on anxiety and they also have a lot of difficulties being in the same room for a long time. The show has been highly successful and some celebrities have even accused Murphy for stealing their stories but he always denies this. The show mainly focuses on the theme of death and reincarnation but it also shows the weirdness that lurks inside of us all. It also talks about how we all have demons, both good and bad ones.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist of the show is in fact the house. The house wants to live again and finds a way to create destruction. It is said that the house is haunted because it was built on a grave. In the show, we can see how the house gives us clues and it does not look like a normal house. It has the third eye in its eyes, which is very creepy for the audience. The demonic spirit in the house tells everyone lies about their past lives and this causes confusion amongst actors who play the characters. Another interesting part of this show is how each character comes from different walks of life but somehow they all come together to fight against this unique evil that haunts their lives. The story shows how everyone has demons and also demons in them.

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What are the epic scenes ?

The most famous scene of this show is when Evan Peters jumps into the pool. The most memorable scene has to be when Violet talks to her husband and her son in the mirror. The scary part is that this happened at night and they did not see her talking to them. This shows how people can get possessed by spirits.

Who is the most loved character ?

Most people loved the character named Eli. He is the son of Vivien and Ben and he was born blind. The spirit of Violet haunted him when he was a baby and this forced Vivien to take care of him under the name of his cousin. In another side, she loves her husband and wants to be with him forever but only if she does not die by doing terrible things that she regrets.

Would you recommend watching this ?

It is a very interesting show and it is recommended to people who want a different experience but at the same time, it gives you something to think about. I would say that if you like horror movies and you are looking for something new, this would be a great show for you. Thanks for reading !

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