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Westworld Season 4: Plot, Twist, Suspense, Action and everything you need to know.

The Western-themed amusement park, Westworld, has been entertaining its visitors with interactivity for decades. The only problem is that all hell breaks loose when the robots begin malfunctioning — because this is Westworld, after all. In today’s post we’re going to explore what it was like when everything went wrong in Season 4 of Westworld. From the return of hosts to new villains and of course some intense love triangles .

What is the plot of the story ?

The first episode of this season of Westworld is entitled “Reverie”, and in it we find out that the hosts have been having a few glitches in their programming. Basically, they are starting to become self-aware, and as such some of them are wondering why they were created to be mindless slaves. This leads one host to think “how did I get here? What is my purpose?” etcetera. And we also see that some hosts are beginning to act very erratically and violently against other hosts, which turns out to be because they’ve been programmed with violent behaviors.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Evan Rachel Wood , Jeffrey Wright , Thandie Newton , James Marsden , Ed Harris , Jimmi Simpson , Tessa Thompson , Luke Hemsworth and Talulah Riley . Evan Rachel Wood as Maeve – Maeve is the oldest host in Westworld . She was placed there by Delores, who had a great affection for her. Though she was previously unaware that she was a host, Delores (Fe) programmed her to assume human form on purpose, in order to test how good the vacation experience would be. However, once she was aware of what she really was, she decided to quit working for Delores and regain full control of herself.

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What are the difficulties they faced ?

As you might imagine, Maeve and her gang of host friends have a lot of difficulties in trying to run away from the humans that are out to kill them, as well as overcoming their own programming. There is one particularly difficult moment when they are stuck in a thankless loop, but Maeve manages to find ways around it.


What are the themes ?

The themes that pervades this show include the idea of freedom vs. slavery, and of course what we would call artificial intelligence in our society today (we have a tendency to overestimate artificial intelligence, but AI research is advancing a lot). Also there is the question of how much we “free” humans should be allowed to do (or at least think they are free as they freely choose what they do or say).

Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

Westworld is set in a fictional, future-historical setting that depicts a world in which robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality have advanced to the point where “a new form of life” can be created called an android. The park is populated by robotic hosts (such as Dolores Abernathy and Teddy Flood) whose minds are written with a narrative loop in which they begin their lives in the fictional town of Sweetwater, gain sentience, and seek freedom.

What are the epic scenes ?

There is one particularly big scene in which it looks like all is lost for the hosts, but then we see that Maeve has a different plan in mind. As per usual, her plan involves showing some humans who think they are better than her what she’s capable of.

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Who is the most loved character ?

The show introduces many new characters, and we will do a separate post soon on the best of them. The most loved character at the moment is Dolores, a girl that we first met in Season 1. She is the leader of her group of hosts, and at times she relies on violence to get people to listen. She is also very smart, being able to hack into the park’s systems by herself (without Delos employees noticing) and thereby taking control of a train cart.


Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes, this is a good show. If you’ve never seen it before, then be prepared for some heavy spoilers in here, as we’re trying to explain all the themes and events that have occured in the show. Thanks for reading !

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