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Unrequited Love Drives ‘For All Mankind’ This Season

For All Mankind

There were new releases from all three mediums that are worth mentioning, but none have had as much buzz as Netflix’s new hit series For All Mankind.

The miniseries stars Reese Witherspoon as Clare Bowles who is the famous writer of a bestselling book about an astronaut’s last journey to Mars. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Jack Bowles who is Clare’s estranged husband.

Introduction to The For All Mankind

The For All Mankind series is a visual and narrative exploration of the human condition. It spans 35 years, four generations, and 120 photographs that reveal the complexity of life in a changing world.

As one who has successfully navigated his way through the 20th century, Robert Frank’s eye provides an unparalleled perspective on history and culture as we enter the next.


His continuing project appropriately entitled The For All Mankind series not only reflects his journey but also our shared experience as humans living in perilous times. “We are all living in one another’s photographs,” he writes, “as much as we live in our own.

Character names in The For All Mankind

Joel Kinnaman
Sarah Jones
Mason Thames
Shantel VanSanten
Coral Peña
Jeff Hephner
Sonya Walger
Michael Dorman
Chris Bauer
Cynthy Wu
Teddy Blum
Meghan Leath

Story of The For All Mankind

There was once a young boy who loved to learn. One day, he learned about the word ‘mankind’ and wanted to know what it meant. The boy asked his mom, but she didn’t know either. The following day, the boy asked his dad, and he told him that ‘mankind’ was a term for all humanity.

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The boy went home and wrote on the chalkboard at his house. The next day he put up an even bigger message across the road from his house that said “MY DAD SAID MANKIND IS A TERM FOR ALL HUMANITY”. Some people who saw it tried to rub off the chalk but they couldn’t. They called a group of men together to come and knock it down.


“For All Mankind” will return for a fourth season on Apple TV Plus

For All Mankind, Apple TV Plus’ Emmy-winning sci-fi drama series created by Ronald D. Moore and Michael Taylor, has been renewed for a fourth season.

The series follows Connor Mason and his team as they explore Earth’s past using time-travel technology to save humanity from extinction. For All Mankind blends sci-fi elements, dramatic acting, and high production value to tell a captivating tale. The show is available exclusively on Apple TV Plus.

The show stars Joel Kinnaman as astronaut Clayton Anderson and Martha Higareda as NASA scientist Dr. Cardenas, the astronauts tasked with returning to Earth after an alien object creates a worldwide dust storm that ends civilization as we know it on the planet’s surface.

On their 27th day in space, Anderson and Cardenas are informed by NASA that they have orders to land at the International Space Station instead of going home to Earth.


This series has been renewed after the third season premiered in 2018 and knocked it out of the park in the rating department, getting great reviews by critics both old and new on Apple TV Plus.

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It tells an interesting story while also allowing viewers to learn more about what we can expect in our life at present now that society has gone through so many changes due to advancements in technology over the decades.

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