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The Sandman : Netflix releases exclusive first clip of the series .

In this captivating story about one man’s journey for redemption through dreams come true, Robert Silverberg transports readers far from our own world into a vast multiverse ruled by immortal beings like the Sandman. Written over four decades ago in 1972, The Sandman is still one of the most popular graphic novels ever published.”

What is the plot of the story ?

Dream, the Sandman the god of dreams and the controller of all dreams throughout all of creation, is imprisoned for 1300 years. His absence causes a century long civil war on his world, Asrealathia, which is swiftly followed by economic and social collapse. When he returns to create a new world order, no one seems to remember him or acknowledge his presence. The gods are apathetic towards the idea that any of them could be wrong; so in response to the stagnation of their own worlds and cultures .

Who is in the cast? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Tom Sturridge , Gwendoline Christine , and John Travolta . In explicit terms, the main character is Dream. He is a wise, patient, and sympathetic character whose ‘off-stage’ struggle is to make sense of his own existence, and to restore order to a broken world. His role in the struggle is in a way incidental; it is the role that any sane man would play if an insane society forced him into it. The protagonist’s sister and closest emotional attachment; however she also sees herself as his opposite. She wants to do everything she possibly can to break free from her family’s past and to make something of her life on her own terms regardless of whether she gets hurt or not.

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What are the difficulties they face ?

Their world, Asrealathia, is a particularly dull place and the gods have forgotten that there’s anything beyond their own existence. Neither Dream nor his friends have any understanding of the common human experiences, dreams or random love affairs. The petty jealousies, loveless marriages and tragic personal tragedies that plague every society reflect off them like waves in an underground lake. In the course of the story, Dream’s friends realize that he is one of the few who knows how to create happiness and beauty. But they are unable to contain him while they are struggling with their own failures and desires.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is Destiny, a powerful god in its own right who rules all futures and has the ability to see into them. Destiny claims to have created Asrealathia for Dream and that everything about it is perfect for him. Because of this, he does not believe in Dream’s ability to create change. In his opinion, creating new worlds and new peoples is a childish game that should be left behind with childhood. Because of this, he tries to prevent Dream from changing Asrealathia, even if it means destroying the entire world first.

What are the epic scenes ?

The epic scenes include the scene in which a small band of rebels, who have been fighting for freedom all through the civil war and then all through the years of stagnation after it, finally succeeds in capturing Dream; and takes him to their secret hideout. They plan to use him as a bargaining chip to get back their freedom. However they are not expecting who they end up capturing. A weak old man with white hair, wearing rags and barely able to walk or even speak clearly. This is far from the majestic figure of destiny that he has been described as. Despite this, he shows kindness towards them.

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Who is the most loved character ?

Dream is the most loved character because he is the central character in the story. He also tries very hard to bring his world back to order and peace. He is a sympathetic, wise and patient character, who plays a vital role in the story. All his friends and family members rely on him for their happiness, their existence and many things more.

Would you recommend watching this ?

If you like magical stories and fairytales then you should definitely watch this movie. It is an amazing magical story about a man, dreaming in a magical world full of strange creatures, magic and unknown lands. Dreams can happen to anyone but not everyone who is capable of controlling their dreams and to use them for their own good. Thanks for reading !


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