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The best-rated Steam game of 2022 is Stray, surpassing God of War


The world has erupted with joy as the critically acclaimed interactive novel and horror story, Stray, overtook God of War (2018) to become the best user-rated Steam game of 2022.

This emotional indie masterpiece was only released three weeks ago and already it is making waves for its brilliant writing and emotional music score. It’s an interactive novel that puts you in the shoes of Lynn Langermann, a woman who wakes up from a coma to find her family missing. You stumble out into the unknown town to try and figure out what happened to your family while trying not to die.

Introduction to The Stray

The Stray series was released to the public. The series is a collection of short stories about people living in isolation with no connection to society and other humans. It takes place on a mysterious island called “The Island”, where all of the people who live there don’t know why they are there.

Also, how long it has been since they have left Earth, or when they will be able to return home again. Readers. Also, this are given two options during reading: view someone’s story. So, as told from their perspective as well as from an outsider’s perspective.


The book is written by Kate O’Neil and was published by Plume Publishing Company LLC through their A-List imprint on October 16th, 2015.

Character names in The Stray

Christian Davis
Mitch Davis
Pizza Judd
Michelle Davis
Rachel Davis
Clark LaCouture
Dave Smith
Misty Davis
Creative Executive
Smitty Smith

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Story of The Stray

The Stray Series is the first installment in an epic adventure that will be an ongoing series of books. The series follows the story of two young girls, Katniss and Armita. Also, who are living in a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by a great war between good and evil. With hopes dashed for their childhoods, they set out to find some way to make a difference. Also, with the only things they have left: themselves, their strengths, and each other.

Katniss and Armita have been left alone and orphaned by the war. Their foster parents have been killed in the fighting, and they are on the run with a band of survivors who are trying to make their way to safety. Katniss is a seasoned hunter, while Armita is an expert with computers, which she uses to help guide them through their journey.


Although things appear hopeless for them at first, they soon realize that their lives are much more than they could ever imagine. Along the way, they encounter all sorts of dangers – both physical and spiritual – but their greatest threat may come from within their group.

CJ from GTA San Andreas is hilariously turned into a cat by a stray mod

What’s a cat doing in GTA San Andreas? CJ’s wandering into the wrong neighborhood and he needs to find his way back home. Well, he doesn’t have to go far! Just turn the camera around and there he is, a cat! A little trick that revealed itself during some more testing with mods.

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The author of this article will discuss what it means for CJ to become a cat, how they put him as one in GTA San Andreas and other games, some jokes concerning this fact, and how to do it yourself without any modding knowledge.

What do you think about The Stray?


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