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Talks Have Began On ‘Inside Man season 2’ Told Steven Moffat

Kudos to Inside Man for quickly surpassing the incredible achievement of being the most successful drama series on television. The first season has received an average rating of 6.6/10 from over 24,000 reviews and, with episode 5 starting tonight, we’re gearing up for a second season run. It’s hard not to be excited about this. The consensus is that Season 1 was one of the best offerings from BBC in recent years with a mix of intrigue and thrills that audiences have rarely seen before. This is why we’re eager to bring you more of Inside Man, which also stars David Tennant, Stanley Tucci, and Freddie Highmore. The series has already received a well-deserved Emmy nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Drama Series earlier this month and the reaction from fans on Twitter to the show’s success has been hugely positive. We’ve been talking to Steven Moffat about what makes Inside Man such a hit: “It is clever, it is funny and it’s tautly suspenseful; three things that have never gone together before. You can have one or two of those elements but never all three,” he says.

Who is in the cast?

  • David Tennant as Harry Watling
  • Stanley Tucci as Jefferson Grieff
  • Dolly Wells as Janice Fife
  • Lydia West as Beth Davenport
  • Lyndsey Marshal as Mary Watling
  • Dylan Baker as Casey
  • Atkins Estimond as Dillon Kempton
  • Louis Oliver as Ben Watling
  • Eke Chukwu as Keith
  • Kate Dickie as Morag
  • Mark Quartley as Edgar
  • Tilly Vosburgh as Hilda
  • Boo Golding as DS Clyde

Releasing Date:

The first season of the series was released on 26 September 2022 on BBC and On 31 October 2022 On Netflix in the united states. Well, the second season hasn’t been renewed yet so no confirmed release date has been announced yet.

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What is the series about? 

Inside Man is a drama following Jefferson Grieff (Stanley Tucci) and Beth Summerfield (Lydia West ), two strangers who are brought together by circumstance when their lives are in danger. The series follows the odd couple as they attempt to uncover a conspiracy that threatens to destroy them all. Along the way, they will have to deal with intriguing characters and brilliant twists. The first season saw Jefferson brought into prison after his gangster boss is murdered by a drug kingpin he owes money to and can’t pay back fast enough. Also along for the ride is Beth Summerfield, a journalist covering the story of a murder case tied to Jefferson’s mob leader’s business. The series plays out the events within the prison and follows their efforts to find the culprit behind the crime.

What fans are expecting from season 2? 

The second season, which is being made by the same team behind the first and will air at the same time, will bring with it even crazier twists. “The ideas we had for Season 2 are much more complicated,” says Moffat. “They involve more characters, more locations, and run over a much longer period. And because these ideas are so huge, intimate, and dark we want to do them justice by spending all our time on the show. So that’s why the decision was made.”

What makes this series interesting? 

While the ratings for the first season were fantastic, they were also largely driven by word of mouth. Even though Inside Man is a quality drama; its slow-burning style means that audiences need to stay through the first few episodes before getting hooked. Its complexity made it a tough sell at first but once fans got hooked, they were compelled to spread the word about just how much of a hit it was. This meant that we saw an increase in viewers for every episode aired. The show built momentum as it went along and when over 24,000 reviews have been left on IMDb alone (at the time of writing), you know you’re onto a winner.


Who can watch this series? 

Anyone who enjoys gripping dramas will be a fan of Inside Man. It’s less violent than other prison dramas, but it’s also more relatable to audiences who will find themselves rooting for Jefferson and Beth as they work together. “It’s not packed with action, but it still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat,” says one fan on Twitter. 

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