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Spy Kids revival welcomes Billy Magnussen

Spy Kids

It’s been a while since we last saw our favorite precocious teenager Carmen Cortez (played by Alexa Vega) and his pals Juni Cortez (Daryl Sabara) and Henreido G. Mendoza Jr. (Michael Alig). But it’s happening again!

Billy Magnussen is joining the cast of Sony Pictures’ upcoming Spy Kids reboot after being confirmed as an original member of the film in July 2016, Deadline reports. The 27-year-old actor will be reprising one of his most beloved roles alongside returning stars Vega and Michael Cera.

Introduction to The Spy Kids

The Spy Kids series is a series of comedy action adventure films created by Robert Rodriquez, who also directed the films with his sister, producer Elizabeth Avellán. The first film in the series

From the first movie onwards we are introduced to two spy kids – Juni and Carmen Cortez – who work for their super agent parents Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez while they do away with their most dangerous missions. The two children are orphans who were left on a mission in Spain.


Throughout the film, we are introduced to several other spies kids and their families, with Carmen and Juni being joined by their best friends Carmen’s brother Junot and his friend Manuel. The Spy Kids series has spawned an animated TV series, seven computer games, two video games, and a live-action show; The Amazing Spie Kids.

Character names in The Spy Kids

Alexa PenaVega
Daryl Sabara
Alan Cumming
Danny Trejo
Norman Cabrera
Carla Gugino
Antonio Banderas
Mike Judge
Tony Shalhoub
Teri Hatcher
Brinton Bryan
Robert Patrick

Story of The Spy Kids

The first five films are set in the same universe as the children’s chapter book by Robert Arthur.” From a child to an adult, it is hard not to be swept up in this extravagant adventure.

Follow Agent M (played by Daryl Sabara) and Juni Cortez (played by Alexa Vega), two children who are recruited into an elite spy team to use their unique skills and abilities during missions.


As they face challenges at home, we witness how these characters grow from innocent kids with a whole world of potential into tough undercover agents who can get the job done. (Source: IMDb)

**NOTE: this is the second paragraph related to ‘Spy Kids’ on the page. The first part was copied and pasted below as a link [but it doesn’t link to anything].

The first five films are set in the same universe as the children’s chapter book by Robert Arthur. (Source: IMDb) The books were written by Robert Arthur, and illustrated by Michael McKune.

Owen Wilson essentially becomes Iron Man in the Secret Headquarters trailer

The Secret Headquarters trailer turns Owen Wilson into Iron Man, and he’s awesome. Viewers are introduced to an office where there are suits hung up on a wall as well as technology everywhere.


This is where ideas come to life, turning from just thoughts or drawings into something real – much like Tony Stark builds his suit for when he needs it most (or does he?). The people in this space are all wearing the same uniform, indicating that they’re all part of the same team.

This resembles the Avengers and their S.H.I.E.L.D gear, but it’s also like Stark Industries in many other ways – from the fun-loving employees to the technology used in both places, S.H.I.E.L.D.

Also, Stark Industries are very similar in how they operate and what their missions are, which is why it will be very easy for moviegoers to fall in love with this Marvel property as much as Stark Industries is loved by fans of comic books and Iron Man alike (talk about being awesome).

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