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MCU Upcoming Film ‘Fantastic Four’ The Perfect Villain For Action Sci-Fi Film

Fantastic Four has finally come together and they are a powerhouse. With the release date set for the Summer of 2025, we can’t wait to see what the new team will face. Many fans want to know who their first big MCU villain is going to be, but it seems that Marvel Studios have already found their perfect pick. It was recently announced that the Fantastic Four will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe starting with a new film. Many fans have been wanting to see them live-action and are getting excited at the idea of seeing their first adventure come together through the Marvel lens. Unfortunately, we still don’t know when exactly they will hit theaters, but we do know it’s been set for a release date that is just around the corner. The success of the characters in Marvel Comics has been a huge reason why the Fantastic Four is becoming a more famous story.  It’s been confirmed that the Fantastic Four will be heading to the MCU. Many fans have been wondering who their first villain is going to be, and it seems Marvel Studios has already chosen someone. 

About Cast:

Well till now no cast has been announced yet but it is rumored that John Krasinski will play Reed Richards and Cillian Murphy will play Doctor Doom. 

Release Date:

No confirmed date has been announced yet but we can be expected it to be released sometime in 2025.

Who will be the villain in Fantastic Four?  

Marvel Studios has offered the Fantastic Four from the comics a great vehicle to be used in the MCU and it’s weird that they haven’t gone for the character of Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom is one of their most popular villains and will be perfect for the MCU. Using this villain will make them appear larger than life, which is something that Stan Lee, who is Marvel’s co-creator says also works in a movie set. There are numerous things to consider when it comes to using this character because he’s shown in the comics as being a different kind of villain. Because they have such an iconic background and most importantly, he’s a brilliant scientist whose experiments can destroy entire cities during his crazed fits of rage.


About Fantastic Four? 

The Fantastic Four is set to be one of the biggest franchises in all of cinema and one that will likely stay around for some time. Although they’re becoming more famous thanks to the MCU, there are still plenty of fans who will continue to be excited about their first appearance in the MCU. Even if you’ve never read a single comic about them, you’ll know them because of the success of Marvel’s recent film. The Fantastic Four have already had successful spinoffs on Netflix and Hulu, which show there’s plenty for them to do.

What fans are expecting from the upcoming film?

The Fantastic Four are a great team but their villains can make their enemies up to 10 times stronger than them, which means the next villain will be someone of major importance. The Fantastic Four team is set to be a massive hit in the coming years and has already started gathering fans, which is why we find it strange that Doctor Doom hasn’t been mentioned. There’s so much that can be done with this character and he can be used in several phases for future movies as an antagonist to the Fantastic Four. Furthermore, he’s shown in the comics as being involved with other superheroes making him great for future alliances and plot twists within future movies.


Who can watch this film?

As the Fantastic Four makes its way into the MCU, Marvel Studios has made sure that it will be a film for all ages. They’ve confirmed that this movie will be a family-friendly adventure and not one filled with violence and hate. Because of this, it’s probably going to make the perfect easy watch so you can take younger kids to see it. The success of superhero movies has made them an experience that can be enjoyed by anyone no matter their age or gender.

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