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Jensen Ackles, who played a soldier boy in The Boys, put on 20 pounds of muscle

The Boys

As the series continues to make good on its title, long-time main character Jensen Ackles has embraced a musclebound swagger that seemed impossible as recently as two years ago. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 37-year-old actor reveals how he managed to pack on 20 pounds of muscle for season 7.

Ackles says the first clue he got that he had lost some mass was a serious trip to Target to buy new clothes because his old ones no longer fit him. “I went in and exited through security,” says Ackles of his Target shopping spree. “They were like, ‘We’re going to have to get you out of here.

Introduction to The Boys

The Boys is a comic-book series published by Wildstorm, first released in 2003. In this series, writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson chronicle. Also, the lives of two superpowered individuals, known as The Boys: a morally ambiguous government agent (the titular “Boys”).

Also, who is tasked with stopping America’s superheroes from doing “greater harm than good” to society; and his sidekick/best friend Billy Butcher, an assassin for the British government who has gone rogue.


The series deals primarily with themes of freedom and redemption in a world composed of superheroes following the September 11 attack. And other significant events that have drastically changed American society.

Character names in The Boys

The Homelander
Billy Butcher
Soldier Boy
Hughie Campbell
Annie January
The Deep
Kimiko Miyashiro
Mother’s Milk
Klara Risinger
Victoria Neuman
Ashley Barrett
Maggie Shaw
Becca Butcher
Hugh Campbell

Story of The Boys

The “Boys of the 66th Precinct” was a Dutch novel by Harry Mulisch, which in the year 1978 came to the attention of Peter Bergman, an American writer living in Paris. At that point, Bergman was having difficulty finding any material that would interest him and had already downloaded and read Scum, a Korean novel by Han Ong-Ju.

That book stirred up his imagination and he began to work on a short sentence or two at a time with pencil and paper before abandoning these efforts. He then made careful note of what he liked about
the new book – its simplicity, for example – before starting afresh with this new subject matter.


DC’s Flash Reacted to The Boys’ Plane Scene Perfectly

Comic, DC’s Flash, has been making waves for being the first comic to acknowledge and give commentary on the LGBTQ community with their latest issue. This particular comic revolves around a romance between Iris West and her partner.

The scene is set up in such a way that could have easily been deemed problematic, but rather than getting rid of their relationship or making them constantly fight to keep it going against the odds, they choose the latter. This decision was perfect because there has yet to be a single comic or TV show that has depicted such a healthy body-acceptance story with two queer women in it. However, it is not the only thing that makes the scene so perfect for its genre and for the comic itself.

When you think about comic books, especially superhero ones, you think about people flying in bright colors on a clear day. The Flash has always been associated with speed and justice, two things that superheroes are known for having as well.

If Iris West and her partner were to get married in this comic series and have a scene like this one, then there would be some clashing of these two worlds. For example, a lot of people who read comics are under the impression that LGBTQ+ characters do not exist within these pages or images.


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