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Jeepers Creepers: Reborn : Trailer reveals return of the Creepy Evil .

Laine and Evan are on a road trip to visit their colleges. On the way, Laine starts having visions of a dark figure stalking her. Terrified that her vivid nightmares might be about to become reality, Laine is convinced that something supernatural has been summoned-and that she is at the centre of it all.

What is the plot of the story ?

The plot of the story centers on a young woman who begins to have visions of a creature called the Creeper. The Creeper feeds on humans and needs to eat every 23rd Spring. Laine, the main character, feels that she is going to be eaten by the Creepers at any moment. The whole movie surrounds her and her friends trying to figure out how to stop this from happening while also trying to evade capture from the law enforcement who are off hunting them as fugitives.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Sydney Craven , Gary Graham , Dee Wallace , Jonathan G datas , and Brittani Childress . Sydney Craven portrays Laine Creeper and Gary Graham portrays Evan Appleby. Sydney Craven portrayed the role of Laine Creeper. Sydney Craven looks like a model, but she has quit acting in order to move forward in her real life. Her acting career began with stunt work on the television show The X-Files, Harley Davidson commercials, and other commercials.

What are the difficulties they faced ?

The difficulties the characters faced were trying to escape Creeper and the police. The reason they wanted to escape these different groups was because they felt like they had nowhere else to run. To make things worse, they knew that Creeper could sense their fear and was attracted by it. This made them scared of every other person as well. They couldn’t trust or confide in anyone because it seemed like everyone was a potential threat to them.


What are the themes ?

The theme of the story is “sometimes people and things that we think are safe turn out to be a danger and people we thought we could trust betray us.” This theme is evident through the whole movie because at some point Laine feels like every character was going to betray her. Miscommunication is also a theme of the story because many times Laine did not understand what her friends were trying to tell her.

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What is the climax ?

The climax of the story is when Laine and Evan are running away from Creeper. The climax is where danger and suspense are at the highest level and Laine’s dream is coming to life. She feels like she won’t survive this experience and that something will be taken of her. To sum it up, she feels that she’s going to die, but she wants to go out with a bang instead of just silently dying like most typical horror movies do in that way.

Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is the taxi driver and its motive is to eat Laine. The antagonist of this story might be the taxi driver because he had a strong motive to kill Laine. He thought that if he killed Laine, it would stop Creeper from killing him. It was a logical thing for him to think because the Creeper only goes after those who are in a state of fear and those who get too close to the truth about its existence.

Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes, I would recommend watching this because it’s a horror movie that has a twist. While many horror movies have the same concept, this one turns it up by adding the element of supernatural. This concept is prevalent throughout the entire movie. Thanks for reading !

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