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In Netflix’s “Wedding Season,” Suraj Sharma from “Life of Pi” and Pallavi Sharda from “Tom & Jerry” both star

Wedding Season

Netflix has recently announced its plan to produce a Bollywood romantic comedy series, “Wedding Season”. The first two episodes of the series were streamed on January 25, 2018. Indian actress Pallavi Sharda stars in the show as Mahi. Another notable cast includes popular Indian actor Suraj Sharma, best known for his portrayal of Pi in Ang Lee’s Academy Award-winning 2001 movie Life of Pi.

The show is about the Sharma family, who lives in Kolkata and runs a wedding business. The series revolves around two sisters: Bhavana (Surbhi Jyoti), a fun-loving bride, and Mahi (Pallavi Sharda), a morally pure and traditional sister who believes in old-fashioned values.

The first season of “Wedding Season” has eight episodes and was filmed in Kolkata. It tells the story of four sisters from a family running a marriage business in Kolkata.

Introduction to The Wedding Season

The Wedding Season is a romantic comedy that follows the trials. And tribulations of four friends trying to find love at the tail end of our most important social institution: marriage.


In South Korea, where television dramas like My Love from Another Star are rife with wedding plotlines, this is a winning formula. It’s funny and sweet but doesn’t shy away from the realities of truly messy weddings. Also,  including one that makes the protagonists feel like they’re stuck in Groundhog Day. This movie will make you laugh out loud while you’re simultaneously cringing at all those embarrassing questions they ask strangers on their way to their happy ending.

Character names in The Wedding Season

Pallavi Sharda
Suraj Sharma
Arianna Afsar
Sean Kleier
Veena Sood
Rizwan Manji
Ruth Goodwin
Damian Thompson

Story of The Wedding Season

The focus of the film is four different couples and their relationships, which all intertwine with one another to create the story. In this article, we will be discussing some of the top moments from The Wedding Season movie (in our opinion!) and also what other people have to say about it.

‘The Wedding Season’ follows four couples and their relationships, which all intertwine with one another to create the story. The first couple we see is a Japanese mother and son. While the mother is visiting from Japan, she meets up with her son, who is getting married to a woman called Elena.


Their first meeting ends up not going well for the mother, as she can’t understand Elena’s way of talking. From this point onwards it’s a case of watching how these different couples try to get on with one another and trying to see what happens between them throughout the film.

Everything we know about the Netflix film “Wedding Season”

So you’ve finally seen the highly anticipated Netflix film, Wedding Fever, released just a few weeks ago. And now that you’re done binge-watching it and need more ideas for date night plans, you might be interested to know what besties Gwen Stefani and Blake Lively have in store for their big day.

Or maybe your friends are having a wedding soon, and they’ll love this list we put together of all the movies about weddings that are on Netflix! But no matter what the occasion or who’s getting married—whether it be your best friend or someone completely random—you’ll find plenty of modern classics to watch with them on both Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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