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In celebration of the 34th anniversary of “Die Hard,” Bruce Willis returns to the set

Die Hard

Bruce Willis revisited the set of his iconic film “Die Hard” on Monday to celebrate its 34th anniversary, an event that was filmed and streamed live by Entertainment Tonight.

The 58-year-old actor rounded up a star-studded cast to reprise their roles in the movie, which helped make him a household name 34 years ago.

In clips published online, Willis can be seen filming alongside actors Bon Jovi, Uma Thurman, and Kevin Smith while they recite some of their iconic lines from “Die Hard.

The group then points to the camera and jokes, “There he is,” as Willis sits in the middle of them, looking exuberant and ready to hit the red carpet.


Introduction to Die Hard

This post is a review of the Die Hard series. Below are brief reviews for each film in the series with a short introduction to each one.

“Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard”: The film focuses on McClane’s daughter Lucy, an FBI agent who unexpectedly finds herself in terrorist trouble when she’s chosen as part of a political leverage hostage situation by cyber-terrorist Thomas Gabriel. McClane has to come out of retirement and take on his old enemies from the fourth film, including Simon, now called “John” and no longer crippled, giving him more trouble than ever before.

“Die Hard: With a Vengeance”: The film focuses on McClane and his daughter Lucy’s bitter, failed wedding anniversary. Simon, now called “John” and previously seen in the first three films, has a plan to blow up the Statue of Liberty with a flying missile.

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One of his accomplices is a double agent working for McClane. Simon manages to successfully hijack a plane bound for LAX and uses it in his plan to destroy New York City. However, he is also planning on killing all of the passengers with poison gas, which would result in innocent people dying as well.


Names of the characters in Die Hard

Bruce Willis
Alan Rickman
Bonnie Bedelia
Hart Bochner
De’voreaux White
Reginald VelJohnson
Noah Land
Taylor Fry
William Atherton
James Shigeta
Alexander Godunov
Larry Brygg

The storyline of Die Hard

The storyline is about a New York City police officer, John McClane (Bruce Willis), who arrives at an airport to meet his estranged wife (played by Bonnie Bedelia) but instead finds himself caught up in mayhem caused by a group of terrorists led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman).

The bad guys have seized control of Nakatomi Corporation because it’s Black Friday, and they’re looking for something called inside data. The plot may be thin, but it makes up for that with fast action, funny one-liners, and one of the most memorable villains in movie history.

The direction was excellent. John McTiernan, the director, did a nice job of subtly directing the plot while holding to his main theme: terrorism doesn’t pay.


Even though the plot was thin and could have used some help with character development (there isn’t any), he made up for it by letting Bruce Willis do what he does best — provide plenty of entertainment with his timing and facial expressions.

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A die-hard fan of Disha Patani misses the opportunity to take a photo with her in a viral video

Disha Patani is a famous Indian actress that has over 6 million Instagram followers. She also plays and has been the lead in many major Bollywood films. One of her most recent films, Banjo, went on to become one of the highest-grossing domestic Bollywood blockbusters of all time.

On Monday, Disha posted a picture with one of her die-hard fans on Instagram with the caption “I do love this woman! Even though she missed my photo, she wasn’t disappointed.”

A few hours later, Disha was shocked when an image from another fan’s phone caught her attention. Disha then noticed that her picture was being posted everywhere and even on the bill of this woman’s phone.


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