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George Lucas is extensively explored in “Icons Unearthed: Star Wars.”

Icons unearthed star wars

Iconic characters, are an inspiration for all of us and are loved by millions around the world. A childhood favorite for many, a symbol of hope, justice, and peace. ‘Icons Unearthed: Star Wars’ takes a deep dive into George Lucas’s impact on popular culture.

We explore the big changes to his story in ‘The Force Awakens. And how he became one of the most powerful creative forces in Hollywood history, starting as just another young man dreaming of success.

While others were busy attending university with their unfocused goal to pursue a career in engineering or teaching, George knew from an early age that becoming a filmmaker was his destiny.

Introduction to The Icons Unearthed

Icons Unearthed is a novel set shortly. In this world, society has collapsed and nearly everyone is destitute.


The only people with any semblance of wealth are those who have found time capsules filled with luxury items that date back to before society’s collapse. Also, these people have become known as “The Rich” and they control everything in this dark world.

The story follows a ten-year-old boy named Gavin who is one of the only people ever to have opened a time capsule. The time capsule that Gavin opened contained several statues. Also, the largest of which was an artist’s impression of Jesus Christ, made in the year 2000.

This statue is known as The Icon, and it has become an object of worship. Similarly, for a violent cult that has emerged in this dark future world: Downtown.

Character names in The Icons Unearthed

John Tenuto
Marcia Lucas
Maria Jose Tenuto


Story of The Icons Unearthed

“Deep below the streets of New York City, in some old abandoned subway tunnels, an ancient ritual is taking place. Visions of a dark forest on fire haunt the air and creatures known only as ‘the Icons’ are gathering to reclaim their lost power. Three friends wake to find themselves inexplicably imprisoned deep beneath New York’s city limits with no idea what has happened.”

The Icons Unearthed series is a unique fantasy adventure that will take you on a journey like no other. You race against time to rescue your friends from this dark and dangerous nightmare. You will fight horrors and battle the Icons. So, each one with its special powers and a secret treasure of its own.

Books from independent authors and a few original stories by real writers including Stephen King, James Patterson, Melissa Marr, Angie Thomas, and ROBT SHAW.

Together with Marcia Lucas, Brian Volk-Weiss uncovers the mysteries of “Star Wars.”

Ever since it was announced that there would be new “Star Wars” films created and released, the internet has been awash in speculation about every detail of these movies. Who will be playing who? When is it set? How many installments are planned? And what will they be called?


The name of the movie has remained a mystery, but a bit of new information has recently come to light from Lucasfilm’s president Kathleen Kennedy.

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