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Finally – The Complete Matrix Timeline


The Matrix is a movie that has had a lasting effect on the population and is often discussed in homes, classrooms, and even at work. But despite its success back in the day, it seems that many people are unaware of what exactly happened in this cult classic movie. After years of painstaking research, I have determined the true answers to all of your questions.

First and foremost, peace to all my readers, I don’t want to be accused of pulling a fast one after I write this piece. The truth about The Matrix is not as popular as some people would like it to be, but it’s time that the masses were made aware.

Introduction to The Matrix

The Matrix series is one of the most influential films in history, yet explores familiar themes in science fiction. The franchise is a big trend today because it has been used so much by directors and people alike. This article will explore the themes that are shown throughout the movies, such as consumerism and cyberpunk.

“In 1999, The Matrix became an instant sensation” – this is how many people introduce to what is an absolute classic 2000s film series set in a dystopian reality where machines have taken over human minds and enslaved them through their physical bodies while they are unconscious (puppet-like).


Character names in The Matrix

Joe Pantoliano
Rowan Witt
Paul Goddard
Robert Taylor
David Aston
Rana Morrison
Julian Arahanga
Ada Nicodemou
Jeremy Ball
Marcus Chong
Janaya Pender
Belinda McCloy

Story of The Matrix

The Matrix is about a computer hacker who accidentally uncovers the truth about an influential group of people, called “The Machines”, who rule the world by harvesting human “soul energy”. Morpheus, a freed prisoner and former associate of Cypher’s, then recruits him to work with other rebels against The Machine’s occupation.

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This film has caused a lot of controversies in its two sequels: Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions which are not as critically acclaimed but were still successful in their own right. It sold well over 240 million tickets in cinemas worldwide.

The Matrix Parallels in Season 4 are made worse by Morpheus in Westworld

I saw the most recent episode of Westworld last night and I am now more convinced than ever that it is not a good show. The show is gripping, intriguing, and hypnotic. But in this episode, it was as if they realized they had an audience too young to enjoy the many complicated twists and turns that detract from what could have been a great episode- or season even.


The Morpheus character sure made things worse for both series’ viewers and hosts alike. Consider this: Morpheus stole from Westworld’s board of directors to create his own company, then bought out their identity for massive profit.

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