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Fans compare Shanaya Kapoor to Eleven from Stranger Things as she relaxes in Ibiza

Stranger Things

Shanaya Kapoor is the newest face on Indian television and already she has made an impression. With her quirky sense of style, Shanaya’s personality is anything but shy.

Her only season in the world of Bollywood led to a short-lived show called “Mera Joota Raja Meri Jaan” (My King & My Queen) which made her famous in no time. Now, she has taken her first step into the world of international adulation by launching an online boutique. [ARTICLE END]

So how does one create an impression? By doing something new and different. Shanaya Kapoor has managed to do just that! While less than 1% of India’s population is Muslim, she has taken a step that many others could not take. It’s a bold move, which by itself may be enough for people to notice her.

But then when seeing the first pics of her in a bathing suit on social media sites, the real shock was when people noticed the similarities between her and Stranger Things’ Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown).


Introduction to The Stranger Things

The ’80s nostalgia machine is so hot right now, and Netflix’s new sci-fi horror series Stranger Things is the latest in a long line of attempts to recapture that irrational sense of “fun.”

The brainchild of twin brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, Stranger Things is an evocative love letter to all things neon — from pop culture, clothes styling, haircuts… even cereal type. The Duffers were born just two days before Halloween in 1984. Their show ostensibly takes place in 1983; hence the title. The year they associate with most fondly turns out to be a good setting for their horror story.

Character names in The Stranger Things

Sadie Sink
Millie Bobby Brown
Joe Keery
Dacre Montgomery
Joseph Quinn
Noah Schnapp
Finn Wolfhard
Natalia Dyer
Gaten Matarazzo
Maya Hawke
David Harbour
Grace Van Die

Story of The Stranger Things

We all know that Stranger Things is an amazing TV series with eight episodes, a new one about to be released, and at least two more seasons coming. But what do you know about the people who make it happen? Here’s the story of how a thrilling show became one of the most popular TV series in recent history.


The Duffer Brothers had been trying for years to get their show into production. All they needed was someone to say yes. Finally, in November 2013 their script was green lit and they began filming in Atlanta that March.

Actor Jamie Campbell discusses his sobriety experience in “Stranger Things”

“Eight years ago, I woke up in a hospital bed after having been admitted to the psych ward two days before. I had no idea what I was doing there: all I could remember was how out of control everything had gotten. My consumption led to self-medicating, which led to blacking out, which led to wild stories that escalated quickly and ended even quicker than they started.”

Anxiety disorders are common mental health conditions that can affect anyone at any age and for many different reasons. Here are eight things you should know about anxiety disorders so you know what steps you can take when it starts affecting your life.

Are Your Favorite Shows Safe If ‘Stranger Things’ Is Being Retroactively Edited?

In 2017, the American television show “Stranger Things” was a phenomenon. It was eagerly anticipated and quickly became one of Netflix’s most beloved series to date. Its stellar popularity led the show’s creators — the Duffer Brothers — to announce in early 2018 that they would be editing parts of Season 2 in response to feedback.


The announcement has sparked debates about the ethics of retroactively altering creative works, with some people stating that it is unfair for audiences who have already watched a show before it has been altered while others feel that this allows shows room to grow, providing them with possibilities for new storylines and plot twists.

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