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Creator of “Gargoyles” Developing New Disney Comic Series


In an interview with the New York Times, Disney’s “Gargoyles” creator Greg Weisman is working on a new comic series for the company. The project will be marketed to both children and adults since Gargoyles is a show that is aimed at everyone in between.

This new project will take place in the middle of the TV show timeline after humans and gargoyles have been fighting against each other for centuries. Crafting this story into comics will give an entirely different perspective on what occurred before these events.

For example, while there was tension between humans and gargoyle during episodes one through four of the TV show, no such tension exists as it does in comics.

Introduction to The Gargoyles

A gripping film with a strong creature feature bent, 1992’s The Gargoyles is an adult take on the story of the three stone creatures who protect New York.


Denzel Washington stars as Eliza Maza, a gargoyle sculptor who has lost her humanity after being turned into “stone flesh” by her former lover, Quincey (played by John Turturro).

But when Carrizo (played by Tony Shalhoub), one of her watchers, comes to warn her that she is in danger from Quincey and must flee to France with his other companion LaVerne (played once again by John Turturro) she refuses.

Character names in The Gargoyles

David Xanatos
Elisa Maza
Matt Bluestone
Laura San Giacomo
Dr. Anton Sevarius
EG Daily
Margot Yale

Story of The Gargoyles

Disney’s The Gargoyles was released in 1994 with much success, but almost a decade later the film has been forgotten. This article is going to be covering one of their most unconventional projects: a TV miniseries.


The story centers on 4 precocious teenage kids as they uncover the mysteries of man-made gargoyles that were created by their family’s ancestors and left behind years ago.

Along the way, they will learn about history, science, and legends! It takes place in New York City during the late nineteenth century and was a collaboration between Disney Studios and Nelson Entertainment Group.

Dynamite will release new comics featuring Disney’s Gargoyles

Gargoyles, the 1994 Disney animated series, is getting an all-new comic book from Dynamite Entertainment in 2016. Fans of the show and newcomers alike will be able to experience this classic cartoon in a whole new way.

The first issue of Gargoyles: Bad Guys #1 will introduce our newest protagonist and offer a glimpse into her complicated history with the world of gargoyle clones. Writer Elisa Kreisinger (Marvel’s Thor: Unworthy Thor) and artist Joe Bennett (Spider-Woman) has crafted a story that revolves around moving on from tragedy while looking forward to the future with hope.


“With the introduction of another gargoyle clone and a new perspective from Elisa Kreisinger and Joe Bennett, Gargoyles: Bad Guys only promises to get better. The creators have shaped this tale of loss and redemption with power and emotion that will resonate with fans of both the Disney animated series and comics.

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