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Ali & Ava : A beautiful story about British Romance .

One is full of light, and the other all shadows. One talks a big game but falls miserably short in action, while the other is too soft to fear anything in the world — they’re just happy to be here with them. And despite everything they’ve been through, despite being complete opposites with different motivations and ideologies that have created great rifts throughout their relationships, somehow it always seemed like one or both of them would disappear before too long.

What is the plot of the story ?

Several years ago, Ali was a rising star in the world of Mixed Martial Arts fighting. His future was bright and hopeful, but a terrible accident during his final fight left him comatose, his family unsure if he’d ever wake up. After years of physical therapy and multiple surgeries, he’s able to walk again and even fight again, but his focus has gone completely off course. Now all he cares about is getting revenge on the fighter who cost him everything…and Ava is that fighter’s wife.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Adeel Akhtar , Claire Rushbrook , Emma Sedgwick …and, of course, Ali’s Wife . Adeel Akhtar portrayed the role of Ali. Claire Rushbrook played the role of Ava. Emma Sedgwick portrayed the role of Kim, Ali’s Friend.

What are the difficulties they faced ?

For Ali, walking again and being able to fight again was his greatest blessing, but when he turned to his wife for comfort and support, she was the one who made him feel all wrong again. For Ava, hoping that Ali would wake up and not blame her for what happened was her greatest fear, but after so many years of battling the same demons he did, she doesn’t know how to relate with him anymore. And while they both had good intentions when they started this venture together…is anything ever simple?


What is the theme of the story ?

There’s a big difference between what people say and do, and sometimes that gap can be so great, it might as well be miles wide. Ali suffered a terrible accident in his Mixed Martial Arts fight semifinals and was left comatose; his wife Ava wanted desperately to punish him for his selfishness. However, it could never be enough to make her want him dead.

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Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

Before the accident, Ali was such a bad guy that he literally changed sides after an argument. But now he’s a different kind of bad — he’s more afraid of being alone than anything else. That fear and his unquenchable thirst for vengeance against the fighter who cost him so much twisted his priorities. His loss of motivation and anger created a great deal of distance between him and Ava, but she wasn’t going to walk away from him without a fight.

What are the epic scenes ?

Ava tried to get Ali to open up and fight for her, but the only thing he wanted from her was to be left alone. She didn’t know what else she could do besides leaving him and trying to move on without him, but it wasn’t that easy. Ali has this dark hold over her — one that destroyed her life.

Who is the most loved character ?

Ava was willing to fight Ali’s battles for him, but he didn’t have a clue how long she’d last at this rate. The life that they shared before the accident wasn’t anything like what it had become now. After so much time and tragedy between them, Ali and Ava had only one life to live; they chose to spend it fighting each other instead of fighting for each other.


What is the climax like ?

When Ali and Ava’s past is exposed, they learn a little something about themselves. Together they were infinitely stronger than the sum of their parts — that’s when they finally realized how to make good on everything they could be and to trust each other implicitly again.

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Would you recommend watching this ?

I think so ! It’s a beautiful journey of two people with the same heart, but different minds who seem to be doomed for failure. Thanks for reading !

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