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Alba Baptista: Who Is She? Learn More About Mrs. Harris’s Trip to Paris

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

As a contestant on Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Alba Baptista was a force to be reckoned with. Despite having no formal cooking training, she won the coveted title of “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” and will now spend her year as the official spokesperson for Mrs. Harris brand products in the Americas region and compete with other contestants from around the world for Mrs. World 2016 title.

Baptista’s win was not only an impressive achievement for an up-and-coming celebrity in the South American region but also a beautiful tribute to the legacy of the Mrs. Harris brand, which has been helping educate and entertain women since 1946. By accepting Baptista as its spokesperson, the brand is signaling its pride and passion for the #MoveWithMrs. movement it has fostered with Mr. Perfections and Ms. Janettes over the years.

Introduction to Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is a delightful and educational middle-grade series about a young lady named LouAnne who decides to learn French and sets out for France. The books are translated into French by the author herself, so it’s not only educational but also very well written.

The Mrs. Harris series has garnered plenty of attention from critics (New York Times Bestseller) and readers alike, who can’t wait for the next installment or another book in this series! If you’re looking to broaden your knowledge, read Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris!


Names of the characters in Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Lesley Manville
Lucas Bravo
Rose Williams
Lambert Wilson
Ellen Thomas
Isabelle Huppert
Guilaine Londez
Roxane Duran
Jeremy Wheeler
Christian McKay
Jason Isaacs
Alba Baptista

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The storyline of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is a comedic mystery series that follows an overly-enthusiastic American widow as she goes on a dream holiday in the City of Light.

In Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Mrs. Josephine (Trish) Harris must travel to France to visit her late husband’s mother, who has been unreachable for over a year after suffering from several strokes and living with her eldest son since her second son passed away shortly before Trish last saw her. To make matters worse, Trish must travel alone after her friend and companion refuse to join her on the trip, which was promised to Trish by her husband before his death.

Once in Paris, Trish meets a variety of eccentric locals including a very fashionable lady who will not give up on trying to matchmake her and an openly homosexual man that she meets in the park who also tries to set her up with a girlfriend of his. Despite all the new acquaintances that she makes while there, it’s obvious that these new friends are only nice – or at least polite – because they believe that Trish is wealthy.


More Than a Fizzy French Escapism, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Many people believe that Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is just a nice little story with not much substance. First of all, the book revolves around one of the most incredible and incomprehensible events in human history: World War II, or as it was known in America, The Great War.

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Secondly, the protagonist is Mrs. Harris – a woman who stands for everything good about humanity in an era rife with war and destruction that would have broken lesser souls long before she ever reached Paris on her journey of self-discovery.

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