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A thrilling seafaring adventure, “The Sea Beast” on Netflix, is recommended

The Sea Beast

The best way to describe “The Sea Beast” is that it is a thriller, not a horror movie. You will have your heart pounding and learn the origin of the Kraken, meet a couple of new friends, and be thoroughly entertained by what’s happening each moment.

The acting was great and the cinematography was quite engaging. I would recommend this film as an entertaining evening at a home event or even for those looking for something thrilling to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

FAST FORWARD 30 minutes from the start of the film, the characters are already having some of the biggest problems imaginable.

The Sea Beast has quite a bit to say about our industrial age, but I did not see it as too preachy. The story was both incredibly suspenseful and thought-provoking. After all, if we don’t make wise decisions now on how we use our planet’s resources. Also, in the future as our population grows so will be problems such as these “Sea Beasts”.


Introduction to The Sea Beast

The Sea Beast series is a new novella I am writing. The story revolves around Nemo, a sea beast from the deep who has been captured. He starts to bond with his captor, Lieutenant Lacey Reeves.

Nemo makes for an interesting protagonist as he is about 1000 years old and has lived in the ocean his entire life. To put things in perspective of how ancient his bones are, he was alive when Jesus Christ died and Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt.

During his research and conversation with Lieutenant Reeves, I have ideas for another book in this series. The story might pick up during the time of Nero. I have some cool ideas for our antihero and maybe even a hero or two as well. All in all, I think this version of spaghetti western meets ancient mythology is pretty cool.

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Names of the characters in The Sea Beast

Jacob Holland
Maisie Brumble
Captain Crow
Admiral Hornagold
Gwen Batterie
Young Sailor
Sarah Sharpe
the Queen
Benjamin Plessala


The storyline of The Sea Beast

Deep beneath the ocean, the Sea Beast roams free. It’s a fearsome monster of unknown kind and origin, whose discovery spells ruin for one small coastal town. A gruesome serial killer has been on the loose, and rumors swirl that he’s back with more killin’ sprees to come. The whole community is gripped in fear while they await his next move… only to have their worst fear realized when the body count begins to rise.

The monster of the deep will strike again, and no one is safe. But if it’s going to strike, then it should at least have some fun with it first! A killer clown fish, a talking crab, a hobo shark, and a… whatever you’d call that thing. And then there’s that crazy police problem.

How soon will the Sea Beast 2 be available? Will a trailer for it be released?

The original film was released in November 2017 and garnered 9.5 million USD worldwide with a budget of 10 million USD.

The first installment of this sequel has been planned for over two years, and a lot of progress has been made toward its release. The script is said to be finished along with the animation of the characters.


Fans will have a long time to wait until they see the Sea Beast II, but on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, another sea-themed short animation that was created by Thomas King has been received well. This short video has over 50K likes and over 6K shares.

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