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The Princess Treats Diana to a Get Back on HBO

The Princess

When the Queen dies, Prince Charles will ascend to the throne and be King of England. Unless he beats her to it, in which case she’ll take up residence in Buckingham Palace for life and he can go live on a mountain somewhere remote with his mistress (to paraphrase someone who knows).

Now, I’m not saying that Diana needs to hurry up and die like yesterday. But if she does happen to kick it first, a precedent should be set by the royal family so that their dirty laundry doesn’t end up airing in public just because one member of their household had the nerve to have some fun before bedtime.

Introduction to The Princess

Beauty and the Beast is a 2017 American romantic fantasy film directed by Bill Condon. It stars Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast, and Kevin Kline as Maurice. With music composed by Alan Menken and lyricists of Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, it is the eighteenth Disney animated feature film.

The live-action/CGI hybrid retelling of the classic fairy tale stars Oscar-winning actress Emma Watson in her lead role to a new generation of brave feminist heroines who have sought to “imagine a world without gender boundaries”.


Character names in The Princess

Joey King
Olga Kurylenko
Dominic Cooper
Ngô Thanh Vân
Ivo Arakov
Alex Reid
Ed Stoppard
Vasil Toshev
Mitko Angelov
Kristofer Kamiyasu
Katelyn Rose Downey

Story of The Princess

The charming, little princess, Ariel, longs to leave the sea and explore the world. She longs to see what is beyond her small little kingdom which she has ruled for so many years. One night she tricked her guard of seas and wove herself a daydream for a pirate-themed party. And after this night she was never able to enter into reality again.

Before Ariel’s awakening from her daydream, one person had come floating by in their boat: Eric… Eric followed Ariel’s voice out of the sea. The Princess went missing in the night and he had to save her. He knew just where she was… Story of The Princess movie trailer (The first part is with English subtitles, the second half without)

A new trailer for HBO’s “The Princess” depicts Princess Diana’s struggle with being in the public eye

For decades, Princess Diana reigned on the front pages of tabloids and in the hearts of those who wanted to see a kinder, gentler face for the British monarchy. But this new HBO mini-series offers an unsettling look at what she faced behind closed doors — how her royal title and high-profile life forced her to live in one role all while she was privately battling mental health issues.


“The Princess” arrives on Friday night, bringing an intimate glimpse into Diana’s most trying years and giving viewers an insight into the toll that being a public figure can take on someone. It’s just one more window into how much pressure there is to maintain certain standards while still living up to others.

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