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Kung Fu’ Season 3 : Kim Rhodes and Ben Levi is all set to appear in Recurring Roles.

Nicky is a college dropout who abandons everything for a life-changing journey to an isolated monastery in China in search of the meaning of true strength and peace. But when she returns to San Francisco after her spiritual awakening, she finds her hometown ravaged by crime and corruption, and her own parents are at the mercy of a powerful triad leader.

What is the plot of the story ?

The plot is to reveal the true meaning of kung fu, which has been lost over the years. In pursuit of this, Nicky travels to a Shaolin Temple in China and joins the monks there. She learns their traditional kung fu fighting styles and martial arts from them and she also gets visions from a Taoist monk who teaches her how to open her inner eye. After ten years of training, she leaves for America with a new outlook on life.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Olivia Liang , Kheng Hua Tan , Anthony Poon , Celia Au, Aileen Tan, Esther Kok and Stephen Fung. The main characters are Nicky Shen, her sister Natalie and her parents. The side characters include Nicky’s father, brother, Natalie’s boyfriend and others. Olivia Liang portrayed the role of Natalie, her sister. Kheng Hua Tan and Anthony Poon portrayed the roles of Nicky’s parents, while Celia Au portrayed the role of Nicky’s sister. Aileen Tan played the role of Nicky’s ex-boyfriend and Stephen Fung played the role of a news anchorman. In addition, Esther Kok played a reporter who wrote an article on Shaolin fighters, while a sheriff (played by Desmond Ng) from San Francisco Police Department is also in the cast. The other cast members include Oly Song, Deng Chao and others .

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What are the difficulties they faced ?

The actors underwent three months of training before the shooting. They trained in martial arts and Kung Fu fighting styles, Shaolin Temple environment and acting. The director had to focus on acting to learn the characters’ emotions, which was not easy for the cast. There were times when they had to perform some fights with real weapons instead of prop . The main challenge was preparing for their roles as Shaolin monks who did not speak English at all (well, except for Celia Au, who only spoke Cantonese). Also, managing their bodies as well as their emotions in a certain amount of time was challenging .


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is a powerful triad leader. In the opening scene, he has a vision of Nicky as a Shaolin fighter. He attempts to gain control of the San Francisco Triad by kidnapping Nicky’s father, who he believes holds the key to his leader’s power over San Francisco. The antagonists’ fighting style and motives are described in detail. The triad leader’s henchmen are involved in gang wars and drug trafficking, while the main hero tries to prevent them from doing so. At least one of them would die if not stopped by Nicky.

What are the epic scenes ?

Epic scenes include the San Francisco skyscrapers and the Golden Gate Bridge, a confrontation between Shaolin monks and triad fighters, a car chase and Nicky’s fight with her ex-boyfriend. There is a love triangle in the story between Nicky, her boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend’s attitude toward her changes throughout the story and eventually he becomes a triad fighter to help save her family. However, he was not able to fully change due to his past that is not revealed until later in series .

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Who is the most loved character ?

Nicky Shen is the most loved character in the series. She has a quiet and kind personality, and her love for her family is shown through her actions. Natalie is also a very loved character as well as Anthony Poon who played Nicky’s father, even though their characters are not well-liked by everyone. Nicky had several visions of herself as a strong fighter who penetrated into enemies with ease, but when she returned to San Francisco after fifteen years at the Shaolin Temple where she trained in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat to protect herself from the evil monks that tortured her during training at the temple. There were two monks who hated her, but they never spoke English.

Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes, the series has lots of action and some romance. The theme of true strength is still relevant even today, which makes it a nice watch for everyone no matter their age. It also has a few other elements to make it a unique show. Thanks for reading !


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