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Trailer Dropped For The Upcoming Horror Mystrey Film ‘Terror Train 2’

Trailer Dropped For The Upcoming Horror Mystrey Film ‘Terror Train 2’

Terror Train 2 is an upcoming horror movie that will be released on the streaming site on December 31. It is the second sequel to another horror movie, Terror Train. The trailer for the movie was released today and it is a blood-and-guts horror piece that seems to be braving a return trip from hell.“This returns the journey from hell,” explains Robyn Alomar in the trailer, who takes on the protagonist role of Alana.  The second sequel of Terror Train picks up after Alana has taken care of past trauma that she experienced when she was onboard The Terror Train during Halloween when everything came rushing back like never before. The movie is currently all the rage in the horror community. And despite being a sequel, it is most likely that people who have never seen the previous version, which was released in 1980, will be able to enjoy this one as well. Though the movie’s set of characters isn’t as vast as it was in the original. Robyn Alomar stars as Alana, who survived the experience of the “Terror Train”. 

Who is in the cast:

  • Robyn Alomar as Alana
  • Tim Rozon as The Magician
  • Nadine Bhabha as Sadie
  • Romy Weltman as Pet
  • Tori Barban as Merry
  • Dakota Jamal Wellman as The Prez
  • Matthew Villeneuve as JP

What is the film about? 

Alana is the central character of the plot. She survived the ride, and now she has to be haunted by it again. She is being led by the magician, played by Tim Rozon, to save the remaining survivors of The Terror Train. The survivors are the women and men who were left behind on the train after their friends were murdered. The magician might be a character that everyone is familiar with he is someone who can create illusions and trick them into thinking that they were dead but they weren’t. When Terror Train was released in 1980, it was a huge success; this was large because people went to see what they thought would be a slasher movie but instead was a terrific portrayal of human nature. There was nothing wrong with the plot, either: there are people at an amusement park during Halloween, and one of them is dressed as the devil.

What makes this film interesting? 

Terror Train 2 is an effective spin on the slasher movie. It is a movie that takes its audience on a ride back to the past and gives them a look at the horror that they were hoping to see. The film does its job in carving out a new niche for itself in the horror genre; it’s different because it focuses more on the psychological aspects of what it means to take lives, rather than repeating what made Terror Train so good. The trailer gives us a sense of its atmosphere; how the characters use their abilities to survive. They are trying to work together and help each other out. One thing that makes this movie stand out is the costumes and make-up effects of all characters, especially those who populate The Terror Train. Also, there are specific elements that make this movie quite rare, such as having a short period for each line of dialogue, for instance. 

Who can watch this film? 

This sequel is for anyone who loves horror movies, slasher films, or just a good and pleasurable movie that brings you back to the time when the 80s were still very much alive. Terror Train 2 has a lot of great things about it, so definitely go out and watch it!

My reviews:

This is a must-see film for all horror movie fans! As the sequel to a classic slasher film, Terror Train 2 takes and twists the original idea but still leaves the viewer satisfied with a fresh take on it. I liked this movie. I was not the biggest fan of the first one but this one changed everything for me. I loved seeing how they brought something that has been done over and over again into something new and fresh. The actors did an amazing job, especially Robyn Alomar. She had me on the edge of my seat, every time she was on screen.


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