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The Upcoming Series ‘yellowjackets’ season 2 Meet Lauren Ambrose as adult Van

The Upcoming Series ‘yellowjackets’ season 2 Meet Lauren Ambrose as adult Van

As Van, Lauren Ambrose will join the second season’s cast and take over for Kristen Bell as the protagonist. “It was amazing to be able to do my version of that character,” says Ambrose, who had seen the first six episodes before we spoke. The second season of Yellow Jackets premieres March 24, 2023, on SundanceTV and takes viewers back in time with Van, now a young adult, and her troubled family, as they cope with the challenges of new adulthood. Ambrose was drawn to the experience of playing an earlier version of her character, and Van’s evolution throughout the series. “I liked that I could go into her past and play a younger version of her,” she says. “Also, I liked shifting the way you might think about how she got to where she is now you get to see a little bit more of how it happened. it looks like season 2 have a lot of fun with the different iterations of Van. 

Who is in the cast?

  • Melanie Lynskey as Shauna
  • Tawny Cypress as Taissa
  • Ella Purnell as Teen Jackie
  • Sophie Nélisse as Teen Shauna
  • Jasmin Savoy Brown as Teen Taissa
  • Sophie Thatcher as Teen Natalie
  • Samantha Hanratty as Teen Misty
  • Steven Krueger as Ben Scott
  • Warren Kole as Jeff
  • Christina Ricci as Misty
  • Juliette Lewis as Natalie
  • Courtney Eaton as Teen Lottie
  • Liv Hewson as Teen Van
  • Keeya King as Teen Akilah
  • Kevin Alves as Teen Travis
  • Alexa Barajas as Teen Mari
  • Jane Widdop as Teen Laura Lee
  • Luciano Leroux as Javi Martinez
  • Lauren Ambrose as adult Van

Release Date:

The first season of the series was released on November 14, 2021, and the second season was renewed in December 2021 and is scheduled to be released on March 24, 2023

What is the series about? 

The series is in 1996, the team is on a trip to Seattle when their plane crashed in the wilderness of Canada. Van is one of the survivors who have to survive for 19 months in the wilderness below deserted roads and the mountain. They soon discover that they are not alone in the woods and that another group of survivors is fighting to stay alive. It’s a competition between one group to survive while the other attempts to kill them off. The series has some mystery, a little bit of romance, and lots of action and Gritty realism is a major component here as well.  it’s a very exciting, action-packed show with a lot of scenes. I’m trying to make the series more realistic and gritty.  

What fans are expecting from season 2? 

A cast of new characters, more of their personal lives, and the exploration of their relationships with each other and how it affects their survival. The season starts at the beginning before they left for the trip. They see what is going on around them so they can get down into their selves. how they interact with each other, what they do when it gets tough, and how many secrets they have. The fans are interested in seeing the story continue and building on the series from season 1. Some of them enjoyed the story we told in season 1 and are looking forward to finding out how it all ends. Others want to see some changes from the first season, such as a change in rating or going more into a paranormal type of plot. 

What makes this series interesting? 

The main thing is that it’s about survival. It’s not a show about a superhero or their jobs, rather it is about the struggle of life in the real world. The setting is so beautiful with all those little details and how they are put into place and the challenges they face each day. I love the setting too, just so real. It’s not Hollywood-like with sunny days and cold weather all year around. The biggest thing is that you get to see their inner thoughts as they struggle through their daily lives. The world around them has changed so much that the tips of trees are now cut down and used for stuff. They learn a lot about this new world and how they need to adapt to survive. Every day is different and there are days when they escape danger or a fight well enough


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