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The Third And Final Season Of The Netflix’s Crime Series ‘Sky Rojo’ Is Set To Premier In January

The Third And Final Season Of The Netflix’s Crime Series ‘Sky Rojo’ Is Set To Premier In January

If you love crime dramas and want to watch a show that fuses plotlines featuring criminal investigators and wealthy uncles, the third season of Netflix’s crime series ‘Sky Rojo’ is set to premiere in January. The third season will be the last episode of the series, which has been a hit for Netflix for its unique plotlines. Season 3 will join the mystery, humor, and drama of the previous seasons and is set to premiere on January 13, 2023. The series has been praised by many for its unique plotlines as well as its realistic portrayal of Spanish society. ‘Sky Rojo’ The series was created by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato. The first season of ‘Sky Rojo’ premiered on 19 March 2021, and after three months, the second season was released on Netflix on 23 July. Both seasons contained eight episodes. Each episode of the first season revolves around a different couple, each of which shares a unique story.  The series promises to bring new plotlines that will be unexpected and surprising. 

Who is in the cast?

  • Verónica Sánchez as Coral
  • Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Moisés
  • Asier Etxeandia as Romeo
  • Lali Espósito as Wendy
  • Yany Prado as Gina
  • Enric Auquer as Christian
  • Luisa Vides as Lupe
  • Penélope Guerrero as Tsunami
  • Cecilia Gómez as Gata
  • Carmen Santamaría as Charlotte
  • Godeliv Van den Brandt as Rubí
  • Niko Verona as Cachopo
  • Iván Yao as Xuan
  • Rocco Narva as Christian
  • Alicia Sánchez as olores
  • José Manuel Poga as Fermín
  • Chani Martín as Fernando
  • Paco Inestrosa as Arcadio

Release Date:

The first season of the series was released on 19 March 2021 with 8 episodes. On  January 13, 2023, the third and final season of the series is set to be released.

What is the series about?  

Informative, entertaining, and full of wit and humor, Sky Rojo is a Spanish crime drama series that premiered on Netflix in March 2021. It was created by Alex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato. The first season of this show featured eight episodes that revolved around different characters who faced their challenges. Each episode was followed by a short teaser that gives the viewers an idea of what the next episode will be about. The series centers on a group of three women—Coral, Wendy, and Gina—who are on the run from the men who use them. The women run from their pimp Romeo and his two goons Moisés and Christian. In addition to following this trio, viewers are also able to follow other stories that are tied to these three women’s adventures. Some episodes have been filmed in Spain while others were shot in London and Los Angeles. 

What fans are expecting from season 3? 

The third season of Sky Rojo is the last episode of this Spanish crime drama series. It will be released on Netflix on January 13, 2023. In this new season, the story will focus on a new set of characters and will feature some new plotlines that viewers have not yet seen. In addition to a few new characters, some familiar ones will also return this season and they will all face some difficult situations. The creators are anxious to see how these characters fare in their newer circumstances and how they cope with them. They are also curious to see how the relationships of these characters evolve as well. It is interesting to note that even though this new season will be the last one of the series, Netflix has not yet released any information on whether they will be making additional episodes. 

What makes this series interesting? 

Sky Rojo has been a hit for Netflix because of its story and its realistic portrayal of Spanish society. This series has been praised by many for its unique plotlines as well as its realism. Although the series is set in Spain, many viewers from other countries have expressed their interest in watching it. Those who have watched this show have been pleased with the fact that these characters are not portrayed as saints. They are depicted as corrupt individuals who do bad things and make terrible decisions, and all of them are very flawed individuals.


Who can watch this series? 

Sky Rojo can be watched by anyone who wants to enjoy a story that is full of adult themes and includes criminal investigators and wealthy uncles. This series was created for Spanish-speaking viewers, but Netflix has made it available in other languages. 

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