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State of the union season 2 : Everything about the Two main character!!

What is story about ?

State of the Union is a character driven series that follows two people who are now in their 40’s and married. The series explores how the events of your past can affect you today.

Louise and Tom are in therapy because their marriage is struggling, but we also see how they interacted with each other before they were married. We explore what led them to therapy and what could potentially pull them apart. The series is ultimately about relationships and the struggles that come with them.

What is new in season 2 ?

We have a new showrunner! Megan O’Keefe is taking over for me. You can read more about it here. Additionally, we’ve added some great talent to the cast and crew including Becca Kinskey (The Librarians) as Louise’s sister, Carrie; Justin Chatwin (Shameless US) as Jesse, a new love interest for Louise; and David Dastmalchian (Ant-Man) as Dr. O’Hara’s ex husband, Jake.

What challenges they have to face this season ?

The challenges that the characters face in season two are largely based on what led them to therapy and what could potentially pull them apart. The series is ultimately about relationships and the struggles that come with them. So, we explore things like Louise’s fears of abandonment, Dr. O’Hara’s struggles as a single parent, and Jake and Carrie’s re-connection.


One of the big things we explore this season is how to maintain healthy relationships in a digital age. We see Louise and her friends using technology to stay connected, but also struggling with the implications that come with that kind of connection. For example, Louise starts dating Jesse and they quickly fall in love, but she starts to feel like she’s losing herself in the relationship because they’re always connected. She starts to feel like she can’t be herself around him and that’s a really scary feeling for her.

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We also see Dr. O’Hara using technology to connect with her patients, but struggling with the line between work and personal life. For example, she starts dating someone and it’s nice to have that kind of connection with someone, but then they break up.

What is the climax like ?

This season, the climax has a lot to do with Louise coming into her own in terms of confidence and finding out who she is as an adult. In previous seasons it was about becoming more self-sufficient — that’s what we saw happening from Season one to two. But this year you see her starting to become less dependent on technology for interaction.

She realizes that the line between work and play is a lot more blurry than she thought, but it’s also something we all experience… I don’t know anybody who doesn’t struggle with this. It’s just magnified in Louise’s situation because her job requires a certain level of technology to make connections — sometimes you want people to see you as a machine who just gets shit done.


What message does this series provide ?

I think it’s that we all have to find ways of being in control. You see Louise come into this season with a lot more confidence, but at the same time she has no idea what she is doing — and I feel like people who are confident often don’t realize how much they don’t know. She really learns as this series goes on that she has to figure things out for herself.

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Would you recommend this series to watch ?

Yes, definitely. I think it’s a great show to watch if you want to see people in difficult situations and how they try to navigate their way through them. It can be really inspiring or really depressing, but ultimately it’s real life. And that’s always interesting to watch.

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