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Netflix’s Crime Documentary Series ‘MADOFF: The Monster Of Wall Street’ Premiering In January

MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street is a Netflix original documentary series consisting of four parts. It is directed by Joe Berlinger, known for Crime Scene and Brother’s Keeper. The name “Madoff” is also the title of the crime documentary, which will be released on January 4th, 2023.  The documentary looks at the criminal activities of Bernie Madoff and the people who operated his Ponzi scheme, which brought billions of dollars into bad investments. The series is a true crime documentary movie, based on the facts described in the Madoff Documentary, which has not changed since 2009. While “Madoff” is about crimes, it mainly talks about the people who became victims of Bernie Madoff’s money pyramid scheme. It also exposes how Bernie Madoff victimized his own family and friends to enrich criminals like himself. Only a few people knew the truth and actively tried to stop the crimes before they were too late, including his son Mark.  Most of those people who had succeeded in their efforts to expose Bernie Madoff but failed because of incompetence and lack of willpower are interviewed in this documentary series.

Who is in the cast?

  • Joseph Scotto as Bernie Madoff
  • Donna Pastorello as Eleanor Squillari
  • Cris Colicchio as Peter Madoff
  • Melony Feliciano as Background Extra
  • Kevin Delano as Andrew Madoff
  • Alex Olson as Mark Madoff
  • Alex Hammerli as Madoff Employee
  • Isa Camyar as Frank DiPascali
  • Stephanie Beauchamp as Jodi Crupi
  • Sarah Kuklis as Ellen Hales
  • Alicia Erlinger as Annette Bongiorno
  • Paul Faggione as Jeffrey Tucker
  • Marla Freeman as Sonja Kohn
  • Howard Schaal as Jerry O’Hara
  • Rafael Vásquez as George Perez
  • Ginger O’Toole as Ruth Madoff
  • Darren Aponte as Andrew Cohen
  • Grant Lowenstein as Young Bernie Madoff
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Release Date:

The Documentary is scheduled to be released on January 4, 2023, on Netflix. if you are interested to watch this series you can watch this series on Netflix.

Who is Bernie Madoff?

He was a sixty-five-year-old Wall Street financier, who started his career as an accountant on Wall Street. From the early 1960s until his arrest in 2008, Bernie Madoff operated a Ponzi scheme that used stolen customer money to pay other investors. He had billions of dollars stolen from thousands of investors worldwide, including people across the country and young adults who entrusted their life savings to him. The operation was so complicated that even Bernie Madoff couldn’t understand it. He used it to steal $65 billion from people, including celebrities, charities, hospitals, and even individuals who were once respected by the community. He was sentenced to 150 years in prison in 2009 and dies in 2021.

What is the series about?

The series is about Bernie Madoff’s money pyramid scheme, which allowed him to become a billionaire. Many of the victims are interviewed in the movie, with some angry and others heartbroken. There are scenes of his victims confronting Bernie Madoff in court, as well as scenes of investors seeking justice and compensation for the damage caused by this large-scale scam. this documentary will show you the rise of Bernie Madoff and his downfall. In addition, people from Wall Street (who played a very small role in this story) will also be interviewed in this documentary.

Why should you watch it?

Bernie Madoff is considered one of the greatest financial criminals in history. In addition to stealing billions of dollars and destroying thousands of lives, he also has a very large family; many members are victims of this crime. In this series, you will see how his sons died because of their father’s actions and how his wife Ruth turned into an entirely different person after she was publicly humiliated by her husband’s schemes. This documentary will show you how Bernie Madoff’s family became victims of his crimes and what went wrong with their lives. The other goal of this documentary is to show the people who were indirectly responsible for Bernie Madoff’s crimes; many Wall Street bankers, politicians, and law enforcement agencies are interviewed in this documentary.


What can watch in this film?

This documentary is suitable for all audiences. This is a true crime documentary, and the truth will shock you. You will see how Bernie Madoff changed thousands of people’s lives. For example, victims in this documentary include a young woman named Kyra Kugele, who lost her life savings to Bernie Madoff’s scheme and tried to commit suicide as a result. The filmmakers have dedicated considerable time to Kyra’s story in this series.

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