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Watch a mother’s heartbreaking quest for justice in the new Emmett Till film trailer


The trailer for the Emmett Till biopic has been released and it is truly heartbreaking. It weaves an emotional narrative about a mother’s struggle for justice for her son, a teenage boy murdered by white supremacists in 1955. “There is no better time than now to learn more about the painful events of Emmett Till’s murder,” the film’s director, Jason Pollock said in a statement earlier this month. “Emmett Till will remind us all that as long as we remain complacent, things in America could be worse.”

Introduction to The Till

The movie The Till, directed by Atta Yaqoub and co-written with Omar Mohidin, tells the story of a Palestinian refugee family whose home in Ramallah is demolished. Their children long to make a connection to their ancestral land in present-day Israel through archeological digs. To support them they have no alternative but to go back into exile and build a new life outside their homeland. The film won awards at several festivals, including the Berlin International Film Festival’s Teddy Jury Award for Best Director (Atta Yaqoub) and the Critics Award for Best Documentary at the Dubai International Film Festival last year.

Character names in The Till

Bobby Ray
Lili Rich
Stefanie Yunger
Man Proposing

Story of The Till

A young boy and his K9 companion set out on a time-honored adventure. A quest. The protagonist, pup, and hero find themselves in a world where the ancient rules of heroes still exist. His weapon: empathy. His quest: is to master the power of empathy to learn what it takes to be human so that he can one day become a man. To do this, he must leave behind his old life and all that is familiar as he embarks on his heroic journey into the disorienting present with only his faithful best friend by his side. But when an unforeseen tragedy strikes at home, it forces him to confront the painful reality that nothing comes free of charge…


Review of the film Vattam: A gripping thriller that keeps you interested throughout

If you love a good suspense thriller, then it’s time for another review! This time we are featuring the Malayalam movie “Vattaam”. The film is directed by Vinu Joseph and stars Unni Mukundan, Ahaana Krishna, and Jasmine Richard in the lead roles. The cinematography of this film is shot brilliantly with its beautiful Goa locations combined with its editing that manages to keep you engaged till the end. It has a running time of 2 hours 40 minutes excluding intervals and also features a surprisingly refreshing soundtrack – “Malangayil Onna Thane”.

The movie follows the story of Ranjith, an automobile mechanic by profession, who lives in a town named Kannur. He meets Priya while trying to rescue a tortoise. While helping her, they fall in love with each other and soon get married. However, things take an ugly turn when a girl whom they had both previously dated is killed by Surya aka Irshad (who also happens to be Ranjith’s friend and roommate).

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Watch Here Trailer


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