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TV movie starring Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco The first trailer for the upcoming September 21 premiere of “Meet Cute” has been released

Meet Cute

Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco are set to release the trailer for their upcoming “Meet Cute“ rom-com this Monday. The film, which also stars Jennifer Aniston, is about two people who meet for the first time at a funeral.” The first full-length teaser of the upcoming romantic comedy “Meet Cute” will be released during ABC’s “Good Morning America” and later on in theaters. The film follows two people who meet unexpectedly–at a funeral–and fall in love even though they thought they were just meeting that one time. The movie also stars Jennifer Aniston and is set to hit theaters on November 2nd.

Introduction to The Meet Cute

“The Meet Cute movie” is the story of two people who fall in love at the wrong time. It’s about their journey that takes them on an emotional roller coaster. It covers every aspect of relationships and includes a variety of themes including, but not limited to: falling in love, heartbreak, sex, intimacy, and passion. The film will explore different types of love through both perspectives: one between a man and woman as well as one between two women.

The goal is simple: allow the audience to learn more about themselves while they laugh or tear up through the characters’ paths of trials and tribulations on their way towards true happiness.

Names of the characters in The Meet Cute

Jon Bass
Sugar Lyn Beard
Shelby Fero
Michael Minto
Juno Temple
Zelda Williams


Story of The Meet Cute

The plot follows a love story between two people with coincidental (but opposite) meeting routines. The film is mostly portrayed through these routines–a woman who spends her day throwing paper airplanes, and a man who spends his days catching them. The main premise of the movie is that everything changes when you meet someone you want to spend your life with–she, the obsession with catching these planes creates an unbreakable bond between the two characters. The ending leaves some room open for interpretation, which makes it unclear what happened after they met and how they were able to continue their lives together without being caught in a routine at work or school.

First peek at the Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco comedy “Meet Cute,” which will air on THIS DAY

“Meet Cute” is an upcoming show on Apple TV+ that will stream in 2020 and it’s about a couple who have an instant connection from the minute they meet. Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco star as the leads, with Jane Lynch as their therapist, with Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney also joining the project. The comedy series is created by Horgan and Delaney, following their success with “Catastrophe”. The project was announced by Horgan last week at Apple’s iPhone 11 event when she said that Cuoco would be starring in her next show for the company. “Meet Cute” will be available exclusively to Apple TV+, Cuoco shared on social media.

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