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There’s a New ‘Barbarian’ Clip, and Justin Long Is in Danger


The clip, which has just been released in advance of the new movie’s release, sees Long’s character held captive by a tribe of warriors led by Gerard Butler. In the clip, Long is strapped to a stake and struggling against his captors as they prepare to slaughter him for sport. “What is truly frightening about this scene is that it feels so authentic,” says Seth Meyers. “It isn’t an easy thing to do.” Long was so unnerved by the experience that he had to be talked out of leaving early and re-shooting scenes earlier in production than planned.

Introduction of The Barbarian

People are fascinated by the idea of the ultimate warrior, a man who travels through times and places, performing acts that would have been unthinkable in the medieval period. To them, he appears as a living legend, almost like a myth. These barbarians stand at opposite ends of society and engage in activities that are highly controversial to their contemporaries. They are symbols of freedom and justice–and they are heavily armed, violent men. The Barbarian is not intended to be an accurate account of history or even an accurate portrayal of one man’s life during his lifetime (approximately 250 B.C.).

Names of the characters in The Barbarian

Georgina Campbell
Bill Skarsgård
Justin Long
Matthew Patrick Davis
Richard Brake
Kurt Braunohler
Jaymes Butler
Kate Bosworth
Sara Paxton
Zach Cregger
Brooke Dillman
Will Greenberg
Kate Nichols
Trevor Van Uden
Devina Vassileva
J.R. Esposito
Sophie Sörensen
Kalina Stancheva

Story of The Barbarian

The story of “The Barbarian” movie begins with a young boy, wild and immature, who has been expelled from his tribe for being too rowdy. The reason for this is that as soon as he was born, he killed all the animals in the forest around him. As his parents try to discipline him and keep him confined to rudimentary life-sustaining activities such as hunting and fishing, he leaves by himself to explore the land. He becomes more resilient and eventually returns with a newfound appreciation of people.


He is then initiated into manhood, and through an unexpected event, he finds himself a member of a tribe, who is depicted as the last survivors of some lost civilization. This story is the background for many such American Indian films and the inclusion of an American Indian in the cast is often a way to create interest in the film. The original screenplay was written by James Clavell, but when his novel, “Shogun” became popular at that time, there was little room to add more characters or further develop any character. The film’s producers had chosen this scenario because they believed that this possible future scenario would have great appeal to audiences.

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Actors and Director of “Barbarian” Address Theories About Slasher Film

Director Darren Bousman and lead actress Barbara Crampton react to some of the craziest fan theories about their new film, “Barbarian”. This is one of the craziest fan theories we have ever seen! So there’s this pagan god called Varna who gets pissed off with humanity over several things, including not giving enough blood offerings. He turns humans into animals and then billions die in a flood. But he also becomes human and seduces a few women, impregnating them to make more vampires. The vampire outbreeds humans.

The flood and the vampire plague wipe out humanity and leave Varna, a vampire god, to rule the earth for thousands of years. Eventually, the Vampire dies and its spirit calls to a woman named Elizabeth Lavenza who is an ancestor of Dr. Frankenstein. She becomes pregnant with a half-human child, half vampire. That child then goes on to make…ahem…Frankenstein’s Monster.

So, what do you think about The Barbarian?


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