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The Absurdist Commentary on Modern Culture by Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Many of today’s generations, especially in today’s current age, are faced with a lot of anxiety and stress in life due to the technological advancements in our society. It is easy to become so engulfed by the overwhelming amount of information that we have access to that we forget to take care of ourselves.

In this period where many people’s focus is on achieving success via education and landing a high-paying job, it is easy for the little things — like good health or eating fresh food — to be pushed aside for overpriced ramen noodles and precooked chicken nuggets.

Introduction to The Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan is a two-hander comedy filmed in the UK. It was written and directed by Joe Tucker, who co-starred alongside Ruthie Henshall and Sean Power. This film has a running time of 30 minutes and because it is shot entirely on location. Also. no studio sets or renting stand-ins were necessary.

In this film, we follow two friends, Kat and Zane as they traverse the night trying to find their friend Michelle’s engagement ring that goes missing during another wild night out in London.


Character names in The Lazy Susan

Susan O’Connell
Velvet Swensen
Coyote Carl
Mary O’Connell
Wendy O
News Anchor
Officer Ramirez

Story of The The Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan is the account of a woman, who has everything she’s ever wanted in life except one thing – a child of her own. So, when one falls right into her lap and needs a home, she can’t say no.

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However, Hilde’s story leads to some tough choices as the circus life isn’t for everyone. And at times it’s not even for Hilde. For over twenty-five years The Lazy Susan has been entertaining children throughout North America with their exciting brand of family entertainment. They are now bringing their show to the beautiful beaches of Kapaa.

The Lazy Susan ticket prices start at $15 for adults, $10 for children. And senior citizens, and free for kids under eight years old.


Why your sparkling rotating tabletop is referred to as lazy Susan

A “lazy Susan” is a type of kitchen cabinetry fitted with a rotating circular tray to provide easy access to the objects stored within. The name for this piece of furniture is not just some idiom that has been picked up from popular culture: it originates from an old English nursery rhyme.

Lazy Susans are often used in place of multiple small drawers, which allow items to be accessed more quickly but take up much more valuable counter space. A lazy Susan is usually a shallow circular shelf with a hard backing and no lid; the rotating tray fits into a track on the cabinet floor. There is a handle on one side of the tray, and by rotating it you may access anything placed on any sector of the revolving tray. Many people use them for spices, or plates and utensils.

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