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Subverting a detrimental LGBT cliche, the Corinthian scene in The Sandman subverts

The Sandman

As a gay woman of multiple identities, I am often faced with the question, “Would you date someone if they were trans?” This is an unfortunate and often painful question. After all, it asks me to choose between two people in my life: one that I know and love, who has been there for me through thick and thin, and the other a stranger that just happened to identify as trans (like many cisgender women do).

It demands that I turn away from one person who has shown me, unconditional love, to prioritize another person who may have not known or understood how much time I would have put into our relationship before transitioning.

Introduction to The Sandman

The Sandman movie is an upcoming American superhero film, based on a comic book of the same name. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as protagonist Dream, who has retired from acting after his deity father Morpheus is killed by Lucifer (the Devil).

By using dreams to enter people’s minds and manipulate their subconsciousness into doing his bidding, he’s been able to do anything from stopping wars to curing illnesses. But when his family members are taken by a terrifying force that threatens Earth itself, Dream must come out of retirement and confront not only the evil Lord Lucifer but also new peril created by dark forces in other dimensions.


Character names in The Sandman

Tom Sturridge
Boyd Holbrook
Jenna Coleman
Mark Hamill
Patton Oswalt
Kyo Ra
Lloyd Everitt
Razane Jammal
Sandra James-Young
Niamh Walsh
Eddie Karanja

Story of The Sandman

It’s an epic story. A hero emerges, like a phoenix from the ashes, to change the course of mighty rivers, divert the flow of history and alter our future. He is one man with a powerful connection to his family and friends and yet he is caught in a world that he can only react against…until now.

The Sandman movie will tell this generation’s epic story of modern heroism. Born into circumstances neither better nor worse than those that confront millions worldwide, our protagonist escapes poverty by psychologically transforming himself into someone capable of achieving wealth on his terms–a ‘self-made man.

Two episodes of two Netflix shows, The Sandman and Stranger Things, provide a profound examination of mortality

It’s said that death is never a laughing matter, and there are few subjects more discomforting than the state of nonexistence. In these two episodes of two widely available Netflix shows, however, death becomes one of the most powerful forces in the narrative driving everything forward.


The Sandman and Stranger Things may not be specifically metaphorical stories about confronting our mortality like some other works of fiction might be, but they both demonstrate how individual strengths in certain areas can bolster others in facing an inevitable end.

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