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Prey Set the Bar High for Upcoming Predator Films


Prey is a sci-fi thriller with an intense storyline and incredible cast. Yet the game’s most brilliant twist is a concept that seems so simple, yet has never been seen before in Hollywood.

This article will explore Prey’s use of the perfect template for future predator movies, what makes it so compelling to watch, and how its genius will be forgotten if Hollywood doesn’t follow suit. It will also examine why these types of plots are overlooked, despite how successful they can be and how much they contribute to film as a whole.

Introduction to The Prey

The Prey is a horror movie due to be released on Oct. 4, 2017, and stars Eric Bana, Ed Harris, Olivia Munn, and Kiele Sanchez. It is about the protagonist “John”, who becomes stranded in a survival game where he has the power to play as either man or beast.

The synopsis of this movie is “When FBI agent John Jameson (Eric Bana) wakes up in a locked room with no memory of how he got there, he quickly realizes that something evil awaits him in The Game. To survive and save his family, he has to beat the Game designed by a sadistic madman called “The Director” (Ed Harris). But to win this deadly game of cat and mouse, he must play by The Director’s rules and go deep undercover into a world where there are no rules and the only way out is to win. With Olivia Munn, Kiele Sanchez, Hannah Anderson.”


Character names in The Prey

Ray Strachan
Chief Kehetu
Nelson Leis
Raphael Adolini

Story of The Prey

The Prey movie is a thriller film written and directed by John Herzfeld. The film is based on a novel of the same name, written by Michael Canfield. The film tells the story of a woman’s escape from her captors and then her struggle to survive in her new life.

The movie was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, 2008, as part of its Midnight Madness section and was released publicly in North America on July 29, 2009, through video on demand (VOD). It was released internationally on October 27, 2009, when it debuted in theaters in around 100 countries worldwide.

The film opens with a montage of video clips, news reports, and testimonials all describing the vicious rapes, murders, and home invasions committed by a criminal dubbed the “Preying Mantis”. The Preying Mantis roams the streets of New York City at night.


He sneaks into people’s homes to rape and murder any men who are present. If there is no man present he will just rape the female victim. His main goal seems to be that he wants women to live in fear. The police have labeled him as having anger against women for unknown reasons. They refer to him as being a misogynistic psychopath.

Why ‘Prey,’ At The Box Office, Probably Struggled

In the weeks leading up to “Prey’s” release, Ubisoft was marketing their new game as a horror game with dark and claustrophobic settings. They began this campaign by releasing a trailer that featured some of the most iconic scenes from “Alien”. This wasn’t all they did though. They also released an app on Steam called Prey Terminal, which served as a front for their site that offered information on the game.

When it came time for hardcore gamers to review this title, what exactly was revealed? Very few things seem to have been positive about the experience of playing “Prey”. Instead, those who were able to get the game were met with a game that was just plain bad. Reviews for this title all paint the same picture: it was frustrating and tedious, with lackluster storytelling and uninteresting creatures (the Mimics) that simply didn’t give any sense of terror or danger.

It seems almost as if “Prey’s” release as a AAA game was a mistake; one that is bound to lead to less than stellar sales. Keep in mind too that “Tomb Raider” was released in March and has been performing excellently in the marketplace for that month. It has already sold 2 million units worldwide! This makes “Prey” performance seem even more disappointing.


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