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New TikTok Video Seemingly Confirms ‘Moon Knight’

Moon Knight

This video from TikTok is rumored to be a leaked clip from the upcoming Netflix series, Moon Knight. It’s a whirlwind of information and set pictures. If this is Moon Knight, then he’s got Netflix on lockdown in terms of securing new content for its subscribers. With an already established Marvel Universe following, this would make sense as it seems like they’re filling in all the gaps with different superheroes who haven’t been established on screens before. The video starts with a shot of Moon Knight fighting in what appears to be an action scene. It’s exhilarating and looks like it came from a YouTube video. It then shows the cast being brought in to read for a role. There are several options, but one of them is a character known as “Mudman.” This would make sense since in the comics he’s introduced by being found unconscious on the streets of New York City with absolutely no memory of who he was or what happened to him during or before his fall into the river.

Introduction to The Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a relatively new superhero, who made his debut in the 1980s in a Marvel comic book. The protagonist is Moon Knight, who has multiple personalities and suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. He’s had various powers throughout his comic book series, but since he’s been introduced to modern movies and TV shows, he only has one power – flight!

Season One: As with many superheroes on Heroes Reborn, Moon Knight makes his first appearance late into Season 1.

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Character names in The Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac
Karim El Hakim
Ethan Hawke
May Calamawy
Gaspard Ulliel
Antonia Salib
Fernanda Andrade
Nagisa Morimoto
David Ganly
Shaun Scott
Rey Lucas
Saffron Hocking


Story of The Moon Knight

Although Marvel comics are quite popular these days, does anybody remember the original superhero? Thunder God Thor’s nemesis Norman Osborn was transformed into an evil entity…after accidentally being bitten by a radioactive spider. His costume is black, with a stylized white skull on his chest. He uses a combination of advanced technology and brainwashing to punish the wicked and rescue the innocent. The Moon Knight’s true identity is known only by a select few– even his closest companions such as Spider-Man and Captain America do not know that he is one of the smartest men on Earth- The billionaire playboy, playwright, and philanthropist…Marc Spector. Even though he spends all day as a public figure, Spector is still an intensely private individual– numerous people have tried to find out who Moon Knight is only to find themselves in compromising positions…or dead.

Did Oscar Isaac just confirm Season 2 of “Moon Knight”?

We have received a lot of rumors and speculation about whether or not the Marvel series “Moon Knight” will be renewed for season 2. Today, actor Oscar Isaac, who plays the title character in the show, confirmed via Twitter that it is happening. Oscar Isaac posted on Twitter: “Marvel’s back to our house!!! #MoonKnightSeason2”. Later he wrote in another Tweet: “To all you moon knight fans – thank you for your support over these last two weeks – we got the renewal – stay tuned!”. The series, which initially premiered on November 19th on the streaming service Hulu, tells the story of Marc Spector (played by Oscar Isaac), a mercenary named Moon Knight who has multiple personalities. The show received mixed reviews from critics and currently holds a score of 67/100 on Metacritic. As for now, there is still no official confirmation from Marvel or Hulu if “Moon Knight” season 2 is happening.

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