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Netflix’s Horror Drama Series ‘Stranger Things’ Getting An Anime Adaptation Set In 1980s Tokyo

“Stranger Things: The Anime” is a rumored Netflix-based anime spinoff of the American sci-fi horror television series “Stranger Things”. It is created by Matt and Ross Duffer, who are also the creators of “Stranger Things”. Ever since its fourth season premiered on July 2022, it has captured the hearts and minds of millions around the world. Content hunters have begun to scour through every nook and cranny trying to find evidence that Netflix was indeed planning on an anime adaptation. “Sources” have claimed that the Duffer Brothers are planning to create a story about a new group of kids in the “Stranger Things” universe. The anime spinoff will take place in Tokyo, Japan, where characters from the upcoming spinoff will team up with a girl.  The Duffer Brothers have been busy working on the new “Stranger Things” Season 5, which is supposed to premiere sometime in the latter in 2024. The original Series was released in 2016 and is set in the 1980s and revolves around a group of misfits, who are transported to a creepy alternate dimension due to an urban legend.

What fans are expecting from the upcoming Anime? 

There has been no official announcement yet, but in an interview with Variety, the Duffer Brothers stated that the story would take place before the events of season one. The Duffer Brothers revealed that they would be including some “Stranger Things” stars from season two, such as Lucas ( actor Gaten Matarazzo ) and Dustin ( actor Millie Bobby Brown ), saying that “They’ll be in it”, but the Duffer Brothers had not yet decided which characters would star in the upcoming story. It’s possible that they could use another character created for the show: Eleven.

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What is the series ‘Stranger Things’ about? 

The Netflix Series Stranger Things is a horror drama series that tells the story of a young boy who disappears and mysterious happenings in his hometown. The show features positive characters, but it does not shy away from dealing with dark themes such as friendship and coping with loss. Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s most popular original shows and has won numerous awards including the Emmy Award for Best Drama Series in 2016. The show begins when police chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) attends the disappearance of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) during a stormy night. His friends later discover that he had gone after his friend Mike Wheeler’s (Finn Wolfhard) new video game system, which was stored in Will’s body. The friends manage to trace his screams to a nearby forest where they find the equipment from his game system. Soon after, he’s missing again and they are forced to join forces with police chief Hopper once more to find him before it is too late.

What makes this series so interesting? 

Each episode of Stranger Things involves the viewer uniquely. The characters’ personalities and relationships with each other are well-written and the story is carried out with a good flow. The scene that stands out, in particular, is the scene where Will Byers disappears, as it involves everyone going into something unusual to find Will. With every episode, viewers feel like they’re getting to know Will’s friends better, as the story moves forward each time around. Because Stranger Things is such an interesting show and carries so many emotional moments, this Netflix sensation relates well with viewers of all ages.


What are the reviews? 

Stranger Things has received critical acclaim from both the general public and professional reviewers. The show has been praised for its excellent storytelling, character development, and frightening scenes. It is viewed as a breath of fresh air when compared to other Netflix shows such as Orange Is the New Black. The series was a great hit for Netflix, as it was able to bring in over 8.6 million viewers per season and was quickly renewed for a second season that was released in 2017.

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