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Marlon Wayans Is Seen in “The Curse of Bridge Hollow” Pictures

The Curse of Bridge Hollow

It is not known why the actor, comedian, and filmmaker have a phobia of bridges. The images show him jumping from bridges, climbing to get over them, or simply staring at them in horror. Bridge Hollow is a small town located in the mountains of North Carolina. It was originally named Bridgeville until it was changed to avoid confusion with Bridgeville, Tennessee; Marlon Wayans’s hometown – another famous place that has been spooked by a bridge (the Battle of Stones River).

Introduction to The Curse of Bridge Hollow

“The Curse of Bridge Hollow is a fictional, suspenseful horror film that follows the doomed family members of a small town in Scotland as they come across misfortune and tragedy by seeking the solution to their problems. It is based on a true story about an 18th-century family who experienced three-in-a-row tragedies with no end in sight.” This movie explores the sadness and turmoil within one specific family from Bridge Hollow, Scotland. In conclusion, this movie has some quality scenes that are sure to terrify many viewers. The atmosphere is tense and it will keep you aware of your surroundings every time you watch it.

Character names in The Curse of Bridge Hollow

Priah Ferguson
Lauren Lapkus
Marlon Wayans
Dave Sheridan
Abi Monterey
Holly J. Barrett
Gordon Tarpley
Rowan Delana Howard
Nickolas Wolf
Doug Dawson
Myles Perez
Phoenix Jd Gabe
David A. Cooper
Stefanie Barbato
Robert Daniel Souris
Catherine J. Agan
Kevin Howell
Gloria Mays

Story of The Curse of Bridge Hollow

This story is about a man who goes to work at a paper mill and learns that the plant has been shut down. He meets an old woman who tells him of an old mill that used to be in the hollow. When he arrives at the old mill, he finds evidence of a curse that was laid upon it by an angry miller’s wife years ago.


The man tries to solve this mystery as well as make amends for his ancestors’ wrongdoing against her family. He eventually becomes possessed with the spirit of her ancestor’s spirit and begins building bridges.

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Also, across all sorts of obstacles, including real blocked bridges where relationships are often hard and building bridges between people can be tricky sometimes too. Through all the trials and tribulations that he faces, he learns that the ghost of the old woman is probably really not a ghost at all. Or was she? Can two spirits who were inseparable be allowed to come back together?

“Curse of Bridge,” a family Halloween film, will premiere on Netflix

Netflix is looking to put a spell on families this Halloween with the release of their newest movie, “Curse of Bridge”.

The family adventure film features twins Sophie and Max who are magically transported back in time while exploring their neighborhood’s town square. One by one, they meet different characters from the past who transport them to different periods in history–where they will have to solve a riddle before they can get back to their own time.


“Curse of Bridge” stars Dakota Rose-Thompson, Michael Ray Bowerman, Peter Daube, and James Duncan as well as John Vernon (Dead Poets Society) and Katherine Cannon (the original voice of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas).

The film was directed by David DeCoteau, who is of course most famous for directing the Monster’s Inc. short “Frankenweenie”… and his short film “The Good Ghost” which featured Tyler and Cameron from Nickelodeon’s hit show Dora the Explorer. For more info on David and his work, check out his website at

“Curse of Bridge” is executive produced by Keith Kim, Scott Nancekivell, and Jon Marcus (Dead Poets Society) alongside Robyn Adele Anderson (Monster’s Inc., Mulan). Caryn Capotosto leads the casting department for DreamWorks Animation TV.

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