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Hellraiser Reboot Officially Rated R For “Strong Bloody Violence” And “Graphic Nudity”

Hellraiser Reboot

Hellraiser movies have always been hit or miss. Sometimes they are fantastical, other times they’re just a bunch of freaks pulling off a cabinet full of puzzle boxes. The latest reboot from Dimension films seems to be taking more risks with this one than any in recent memory. “The film is inspired by the 1987 original,” said Larry Fessenden, writer and director of the reboot, “and pays tribute to its effects-driven style and tense atmosphere.” No more blood queens, no more puzzle boxes. This one’s all about pulling a lot of traps. It stars Natalie Brown (“Scandal”) as a doctor who is helping a detective prevent a serial killer from killing again. As part of their investigation, they dig up an old grave and unearth a box with four paintings inside it. Inside each painting is one of the four horsemen with which Pinhead can summon Hell.

Clive Barker About The New Update Of  Hellraiser Reboot

The latest news concerning the upcoming Hellraiser reboot. Twentieth Century Fox is currently in talks to sign a distribution contract with Dimension Films to release the new movie in September 2016. Last year, it was rumoured that this film would be released on September 25, 2015; however, nothing has been confirmed yet. The remake will be produced by Gary J. Tunnicliffe (Hellraiser: Revelations) and it is also reported that Clive Barker himself is involved with this project. This is not surprising considering how heavily involved he was with Hellraiser: Revelations from start to finish.

” Bruckner said in a statement last year. “

This week, the official trailer for Hellraiser was released on this film’s Facebook page. It is not available in any form on YouTube at the time of this writing. A full-length featurette with interviews with some of the cast and crew has been released by Dimension Films as well.The movie is scheduled to hit theatres on April 19, 2017. Let’s see how well this movie does!

Director Victor Garcia was quoted as saying :

“On one level it’s very adult and on another level, it’s very much for families”. Sounds like he is going for very much the same approach as in his film Dead Silence. While it is being touted as a horror film, it seems that the movie might not be too scary. However, I’ve got to admit that some of the special effects call back to that of Hellraiser. To be fair, I’ve always wondered if the other sequels in this series were all just trying to cash in on Hellraiser’s success and popularity.


Specific Details On This New Version Are Still Under Wraps

The newest version of Hellraiser has been in the works for quite some time now. While I am glad that they are finally making the new film, I am a little bit concerned that they are going to continue the same storyline as all of the other sequels. There is some sort of man trying to escape from a realm by taking souls from other people and then using them as puzzle pieces to try and escape. I’m sorry, but that just sounds like a tired plot line to me. I would prefer for them to come up with an entirely new plot for this movie series.Also, it has not been confirmed whether or not this will be taking place in America or England like all of the others have.

“Director Victor Garcia And Writer Dan Mazeau Reported Working Together 

“Director Victor Garcia and writer Dan Mazeau (Wrath of the Titans, Doom) are reported to be working together on a rewrite of this film and they are hoping to add more characterization to the main villain, Pinhead. I’m not sure how they plan on doing that seeing as how Pinhead is supposed to be a very distant, cold-blooded killer. 

IMDB Entry For New Version Of Hellraiser

Another entry for the newest version of Hellraiser has been added to IMDB. This time, they are reporting that Ashley Lawrence has been added as Sarah. I’m not sure if she will be the main character or if she will have some sort of relationship with the main character. A new draft of the script is being written by David Self and Patrick Lussier, and it is reported that filming should begin next year sometime.

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