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Backstage at Lollapalooza, Joseph Quinn, aka Eddie Munson from Stranger Things, jams with Metallica

Stranger Things

Here’s an exclusive look at the Eagles of Death Metal guitarist who played a show with the band earlier that evening: Joseph Quinn, better known as Eddie Munson from “Stranger Things.” When he showed up at our table, Joseph seemed very excited to meet us. After introducing himself and shaking our hands, he started jamming on his guitar—a Fender Stratocaster—and singing a few notes of “Eagles on the Highway” by Hot Rod Circuit. Of course, we jumped in and sang along to the lyrics before clapping it out for him.

Introduction to The Stranger Things

Dystopian children’s adventure-fantasy series Stranger Things has been all the buzz since its release in July of last year. With eight episodes, a sequel already in development, and nine million Netflix viewers watching the series on an average day, this show has set itself up for success. Yet despite the show’s popularity, there was not much information about it available to the public until now. The article will give you everything you need to know about things from casting decisions and filmmaking techniques to soundtrack choices.

Character names in The Stranger Things

Sadie Sink
Millie Bobby Brown
Joe Keery
Dacre Montgomery
Joseph Quinn
Noah Schnapp
Finn Wolfhard
Gaten Matarazzo
Natalia Dyer
Maya Hawke
David Harbour
Grace Van Dien

Story of The Stranger Things

The Stranger Things creators, Ross and Matt Duffer, were born in 1983. The brothers have been interested in making films since they were young. They have experience working on their first film ‘Frenzy’ in their late teens. After making ‘Frenzy’, the Duffer brothers studied film at Duke University and Columbia University. The brothers would write the show after completing their studies. They focused a lot of time on the script because they thought it was so important for the story of Stranger Things. These writers used a combination of horror films, Stephen King, and John Carpenter to get inspiration for the story.


Why altering episodes of Stranger Things in the past might start a worrying TV fad

It’s not a secret that Stranger Things is in the middle of a huge resurgence, with people clamoring for more seasons and episodes. The show is loved for its nostalgia-inducing 80s-inspired setting and the spooky thrill it provides. But does this mean that creators are preparing to retcon all the events of season 1 so they can lengthen its run? A recent post on Medium posits that this could be on the horizon, but it would be a worrying trend in television.

More People Need to Watch the Best Netflix Show After “Stranger Things”

Stranger Things is a show that follows four friends as they embark on a series of mysterious, supernatural adventures in their tiny town. But the first season hinted at greater things to come in an overarching mystery, and Season 2 is set to dive much deeper into this mystery. Why should you watch it? Here’s everything you’ll find in Season 2: Bloody nosebleeds; telekinesis; terrifying creatures that are far more threatening than he was last year; and a complicated new character that changes the dynamic of relationships among all of your favorite characters. You can binge-watch both seasons ahead of time on Netflix.

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